What is a Lapbook? A Scrap-Lapbook?

What is a Scrap-Lapbook?


I’ve been using the term Scrap-Lapbooking to describe how we make our lapbooks. Here is a plain lap booklet and one decorated with scrapbooking methods.

In a Lapbook a booklet is usually one color. In a Scrap-Lapbook booklets are decorated with coordinating papers and embellishments. The file folder part is like the background of a scrapbook page. The booklets are treated like images.

I wouldn’t say the children learn more about the topic by scrapbooking but some are more motivated (like many scrapbookers) the creative part.

Here are some terms to clarify:

  1. Scrapbooking – a method for preserving family history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums.
  2. Digital Scrapbooking – is the art of creating a digital scrapbook page using an uploaded photo and various digital effects and embellishments available from a number of online digital scrapbooking sites. Pages can be shared online, email or printed on paper as well.
  3. Hybrid Scrpabooking – a combination of paper and digital scrapbooking.
  4. Lapbooking – Lapbooks (also called Pocket Folders, File Folder Games, shutterfold books, Take it to Your Seat, and other names) are a fun and exciting
    projects to organize, present, and record information.
  5. Digital Lapbooking or Hybrid Lapbooking: Booklets and templates are created on the computer. Printable booklet are printed, then folded and pasted into the file folders.
  6. Scrap-Lapbooking- a combination of all the above. Booklets and templates are created on the computer. Printable booklet are printed, then folded and pasted into the file folders. This can be done with digital scrapbooking methods.

(BTW: Digital scrapbooking or digital lapbookig is much cheaper than traditional scrapbooking. You can use items over and over, resize them, etc. Digital content is reusable forever – no spending a fortune on a single embellishment that you can only use once.)

How to Learn Digital Scrapbooking

Now that I explained the terms, here are few different ways to make Scrap-Lapbooks (listed easiest to more effort needed)

  1. Download digital scrapbooked pages (several online Google “free lapbooks” ) and create the lapbook with your children.
  2. The children do the digital scrapbooking on the computer and create the lapbook with your children.
  3. Mom does the digital scrapbooking on the computer print out the pages and create the lapbook with your children (better for younger children).
  4. Purchase lapbook supplies and create the booklets with paper scrapbooking methods.

Booklet Example

Journaling and copywork can be done on a separate paper and glued in or printed from the computer, cut to shape and glued in or digitally added. Mistakes are easily covered by a new paper or embellishment.

Here are the first four pages of an 8 page booklet from our Hanukkah Scrapbook Folder:

I predict that Scrap-Lapbooking will catch on for many of the same reasons digital scrapbooking has become so poplar:

  • Lapbooks are a way to create memories of children’s school work instead of it being thrown out or filed away in a box.
  • With proper care, Scrap-Lapbooks can last indefinitely and be used for review each year, and also become a a cherished keepsake.
  • Scrap-Lapbooks document your child’s learning experience.
  • Through the creation of Scrap-Lapbooks students learn more fully and retain the subject matter better.

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  1. Johanna says:

    Love your Genesis lapbook! Excellent work on the scarpbooking elements and great book of the Bible to make it on–Genesis–the foundation of faith.

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