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Videos: Make Envelope Booklets for Lapbooks

Envelopes make great lapbook pockets and mini books.You probably have envelops around the house. You ask drugstores to give you any they have left over.

These craft videos are not about lapbooking– time to think outside the box. The videos will help you with ideas.


This video is about making booklet out of envelopes. Instead of all the inking and decorating the slips that go inside you could add journaling. The basic booklet is quick and easy.

In video gives another idea using a chipboard cover.

This videos shows how to make a gift bag–but if you stop before all the folds on the bottom it is a super quick pocket for a lapbook.

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  1. i think thats a real quick fab idea of making your own cute bags and put your own mark on it thank you))

  2. Setting a goal is like making a New Year’s Resolution, I alywas have good intentions. Weight loss is my lifetime struggle,too, and again I have to think about losing. Maybe creating the book will give me incentive. Looking forward to the class! Thank you.

  3. That’s really thinking at a high level

  4. Thanks for helping me to see things in a different light.