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Time Saving Photoshop Actions and Droplets

Batch Tools

I love one step buttons! Do you have a 30 second button on your microwave? I love being able to click one button instead of typing in three-zero-enter. Maybe a bit lazy but time-saving is saving TIME. RIght?

If you use Photoshop you probably already know about actions. I use them daily. Photoshop and Elements come with a number of predefined actions installed. You can use and customize these actions or purchase and downloaded from the web.

Example: Let’s say you need to resize several 12×12 page into a 8×8 page to print on your home printer. You can create an action that will record the resize steps. Then you can run the action on all the pages. It saves time.

Once an action has been recorded, it can be re-played automatically by clicking one button. this means that you can apply exactly the same filters, colors etc without having to manually apply each process to every image. It saves time.

Droplets Make Running Actions Easier

By creating a droplet, you can tell Photoshop to perform the same set of operations for every file in a folder (a batch tool). I run a lot of actions on batches so I made several droplets.

In order to use a Photoshop Droplet, you have to use an Action. If you make a Droplet of the resize action all you need to do is drag and drop your pages onto the droplet (on your computer not even in Photoshop) and it will preform the action automatically. Here is a Droplet Video Tutorial (that also shows how to creat an action).

I love automatic. I love one step buttons!