Scrapbooking Bible Verses

We are scrapbooking the Bible verses we are memorizing as we study the Bible chronologically. You can see the Bible lessons here.

This is going to make a beautiful album of our memory verses. I created the pages with dotted text so the my boys can practice handwriting. You could also make pages with fancy text without the handwriting practice.

You can download the pages below in PDF format (cursive and print).

Memory Verse Gen 1:1-2

Week 1 Memory Verse John 1:1-4

Week 2 Memory Verse Gen 1:27

Memory Verse Psalm 139-13-14

Memory Verse Gen 3:15

Memory Verse 1 Peter 5:8-9

Week 4 Memory Verse Genesis 9:13

Memory Verse Genesis 11:9-9

Memory Verse Psalms 104:1

Scrapbook Credits

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