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Scrap Stacks: It’s Like Pinterest for Scrapbookers!!

Do you LOVE Pinterest but think how much more  you would love a place with only visual scrapbooking inspiration? I knew someone would eventually come up with a Pinterest for Scrapbookaholics, and she did.

Designer Penny Springmann founded ScrapStacks. Thank you Penny! You can Follow Me on ScrapStacks here.

ScrapStacks looks and pins like Pinterest, but  you can only stack  your own projects, layouts, tutorials, and products. You can get a “Stack” button that works very similar to a  Pinterest button.

You can upload your own layouts from your harddrive to Scrap Stacks or use links to layouts from your blog, galleries.

What Can Be Posted on Scrap Stacks?

  • Your Layouts and Projects
  • Your Blog Posts (I’ll be Stacking this post)
  • Your Tutorials
  • Your Products (a limit of 5 new posts per person, per day)

Here I Stack My Own Designs – FOLLOW ME!

Several category options are availabe

What Can Be Restacked on Scrap Stacks?

You can reStack anything from  Stack as much as you want, whenever you want. Possible Stacks:

  • Color Inspiration
  • Scraplift Worthy Layouts
  • Wish List
  • Hybrid Ideas
  • Art Journaling
  • Scripture
  • Homeschool
  • Lapbooks

Add a ScrapStacks Button to Your Blog

How are you going to SHARE your stacks with others? You know how most blogs have Facebook and Twitter buttons? Just addd a SS button to your blohe g.Get tset of Scrap Stacks social media icons here. 

The Digi Show Podcast

The Digi Show had a recent discussion abou ScrapStacks here. 

Number One Rule

You can only “Stack” (similar to pinning) your own work (layouts, kits, tutorials you wrote, cards, hybrid projects, etc.), but you can re-Stack anything that’s already there. Meaning, you can “shop” ScrapStacks and build your own wish list! Designers cansta stack their designs. Scrappers can stack their layouts. FUN, FUN, FUN!

I visit daily.  You can read tutorials on Scrap Stacks about how to:

Check the ScrapStacks blog for more information and tips on how to use this fabulous new site.

Follow Me on ScrapStacks here