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Scrap-Lapbook Kits in the Works

The free black and white lapbook templates we offer have grown very popular. Soon you will be able to get these booklet templates in color!

Here is a sneak peek into Heart of Wisdom Scrap-Lapbook Kits each consisting of a dozen or more color coordinated templates. This is a lapbook made with Ancient Egypt Scrap-Lapbook .

Each kit will include blank books templates so they can be used for any lapbook theme. You add the images , labels, and text.

Here are the color schemes for the new Ancient History: Adam to Messiah Lapbooks. These can also be used to make many other kits.

The Weather lapbook below was created using HOW’s Scrap-Lapbook Kit with Homeschool Share’s free Weather Words lapbook. These booklets could also be used for an ocean theme.

This patriotic kit made while studying the American Revolution using book Eyewitness American Revolution and images from the Internet. The red, white and blue booklets can be used for any patriotic study (Betsy Ross, Julr 4th, etc)

The peachy pink booklet are perfect for butterflies or any girly project. For this we used Eyewitness Butterflies and Moths and images from the Internet (Google Image search).

Ink Friendly Projects!

You don’t have to worry about using up a lot of ink with these kits. We set out to make them affordable. Only the covers are in color. The insides are black and white. Less than 1/8th of an 8.5×11 is in color to make an accordion booklet.

The yellow and red booklets were originally created for a Bee-Attitude lapbook but booklets can make any lapbook project (insects, apples, chickens, alphabet, colors, math, etc).

Most of the kits use gender neutral colors for boys or girls.

Since these are digital products you purchase once and can print out pages over and over for many children or many different lapbooks.

Look for the Scrap-Lapbook Kits in our store soon.

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  1. These are really well done, I can see so many uses for them!

  2. Do you have printables for the bee- attitudes lapbook ?

  3. links aren’t working! Help

  4. Beth Sommers

    Hello! I’d love to get the free lapbook templates – they look fantastic! – but keep getting error messages when I try to order them using the instructions given on the page. Can you help?

    Thanks so much!