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Refrigerator Magnet Menu Planner

Instead of meal planning charts and index cards and computer generated worksheets, etc. Try hanging meal magnets on your refrigerator! You can see all the meals we usually have at a glance and shift them around (hang high enough your toddler doesn’t mess up your week.)

Step 1: Make a list of main dinner meals and laminated it

Your meals won’t be the same so mine but maybe able to use some of them. Download the PDF files below.

Step 2: Make a 7- day meal plan mat and laminated it.

This one matches my kitchen. Get creative, create something to match your kitchen decor.

Step 3: Add magnetic strips on the back of the mat and on the back of the meal “tags”

Get a roll of magnetic tape at any dollar store.

Plan your menu on the fridge!

Step 4: You now have a handy Meal Planner to put on the refrigerator.

I do not plan ahead a month of meals but here is a monthly planner if anyone can use it.

Download Printables


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