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Free Digital Scrapbook Kit

Free Digital Scrapbook Download

This beautiful digital scrapbook kit is yours. Why? We want you to try out digital scrapbooking. Its fun, exciting and it motivates the kits to do school projects.

Use this kit to scrapbook family photos or a school project. Possibilities are endless.

Not only do students get excited about learning but they develop important layout and design skills useful in the workforce.

Allow your children to use this kit in a software program like PhotoShop elements. Don’t have a photo editing software? You can download PhotoShop elements free for 30 days.

Watch How Easy and Fun! Warning! It is addicting.

This kit is titled Creation and comes with wordart and photos to study Creation Week. However, this kit is very versatile. With these beautiful purples, greens, and blues you can scrapbook a any function, or event (birthdays, fun times, baby photos, Passover, vacations, etc) .

Use Our Photos or Your Own

creationThis kit includes:

  • 12 Designer Papers
  • 30 Embellishments
  • 20 Wordart images
  • 13 Photos

Available in png and jpg files win zipped for use in designed to work with popular software programs including Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Paint Shop Pro among others.

How to Get This Free Kit

Click on the heart in the image to download. If you appreciate this freebie place pin on Pinterest or post t o Facebook.




  1. These backgrounds are Beautiful! I would love to ad them to my collection to use with pix. of the grandkids!

  2. Very beautiful! I can tell it took a lot of time to do this, and I would love to add it to my collection. Thanks!

  3. Lois Ditzer

    What beautifully arranged pages and ideas!

  4. Beautiful colors, love the bird and papers look great.

  5. Would love to check out the digital scrapbooking and learn more about it! Just ordered HOW Book and look forward to God’s will in our family’s life!

  6. Linda Salter

    An amazing kit. I am always looking for kits to use in my homeschooling endeavers.

  7. What a beautiful kit! I am just learning about digital scrapbooking and looking for some elements to start with and this one is just PERFECT!

    Thank you so much!


  8. Love the kit. The colors are beautiful.

    Thank you,

  9. This kit is so beautiful I just hope to get it so I can experiment with digital scrapbooking. I thank you in advance for your generosity.

  10. Love the colors of these!! So pretty and fresh looking!

  11. Beautiful!

  12. With Easter approaching this kit would be wonderful to work with. Please send me a link.

  13. Jennyfer

    Wonderful and pretty colours! Makes me think of Spring:-)

  14. This is great. I have bookmarked this page so I can send it to my cousin for her to view. I especially liked watching the video for Photoshop elements and learning how to make that layout. I usually just download QPs or BBs or Clusters for photos because I didn’t know how to do this. Do you know what version of Elements was used in this video? I have Elements 6. Can these videos be downloaded to allow one to view offline? Thanks for your help — I appreciate you. This is my first visit here so must check out more of this blog.

  15. What a beautiful kit! Just love the colors and the WA. It is so nice to find some religious scrap kits–there’s not too many out there!

  16. Jennymary

    Oh my goodness.. this is gorgeous!

  17. Beautiful kit! Digital scrapbooking is so much fun!

  18. What a breathtakingly beautiful kit and how very generous of you to offer it. Bless you….

  19. Katherine

    I am just getting started, and this could be dangerous! LOL! So many possibilities! Thank you so much for this great offer, I can’t wait to try them out!!!

  20. This kit is beautiful. I really enjoy digitally scrapbooking, as the possibilities are endless. Thank you so much for this generous offer. Have a great day.

  21. I love it! So perfect for Spring. Thank You!

  22. Wow theses are great – looking forward to the download !

  23. Hi there! I am just getting into lapbooking and would like to try out your kit! If you could send me the download link I would love it!
    Thank you!!

  24. WOW, my daughter and I were just wondering where to find something like this. This looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to start.

    Thanks & Blessings,

  25. love it!

  26. Thank you, Robin, for taking the time to make such quality resources!

  27. how pretty this is. i just use Scrapbook Factory but now i thinking maybe i might start a saving plan to get photoshop….

  28. These are simply beautiful. Such talent 🙂 Thanks.

  29. These are gorgeous and you are SO generous for sharing!!!!

  30. Tracy Gray


  31. Perfect colors for Spring…absolutely adore it!

  32. I’d love a copy! Thanks!

  33. Truly beautiful! Thank you for such a great freebie!

  34. I have been looking at your scrapbooking tools, really wanting to add this to my home education activities and lessons. This kit looks so beautiful and it’s great that you are offering this free as I would like to test this out with my software before purchasing more. Thanks for all your hard work for us home educators.

  35. Thank you, art should be integrated in lesson plans

  36. I would love to use this free kit next year when we begin our Heart of Wisdom journey. Thanks for the great offer!

  37. Carole Monasmith

    I love these, thank you for all you do Robin!

  38. dreamlife

    love to try digital scrapbooking

  39. Can’t wait to get the link!!! So excited to try this…. lol Thank you sooooo much for offering it!!!!!

    Blessings to you and yours!!!!

  40. How wonderful. I have often thought of doing digital scrapbooking – no paper mess to tidy or materials to store! Thanks for the opportunity to give it a go.

  41. Love your Creation items! I have some gorgeous photos from Costa Rica that will go well with your kit!

  42. Brilliant. Thankyou so much for all your hard work.

  43. Looks lovely – thanks!

  44. Debbie Spencer

    Oh so nice! Thank you for all of the info that you provide. Love your books!

  45. Wow… Amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work. My 10 year old will really enjoy putting this together. what a blessing!

  46. Karen Shraf

    would like the links offered for the free scrapbook kit. thanks.

  47. I LOVE scrapbooking/Lapbooking, but have never digitallly done it. Love the whole idea; just need to learn. Thanks for the GREAT resources! :o)

  48. How beautiful! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as digital scrapbooking! I’m just getting started on regular scrapbooking with my daughter. I sure would like to know how to do this!

    God bless you!

  49. We’ve never done a digital scrapbook, it looks like fun. Thank you.

  50. New to this idea, can’t wait to try. Thank you for the beautiful collection. Glad to run across your site this morning with so much info. as we are planning on doing our first lapbook today! 🙂

  51. Marcia Hill

    Can’t wait to get started!

  52. Beautiful pages – I can’t wait to use them with my granddaughter!

  53. Wow! I didn’t even know there was such a thing available. My kids will love this!

  54. Thanks for this! I am looking forward to making it with my children!

  55. Abiyah Sofia

    Beautiful pages – I can’t wait to use them! Thank you so very much. 🙂

  56. Tracey D. King

    These look beautiful – what a wonderful idea! I would love to try this out with my children, perhaps even incorporating pictures of them working on the various creation projects we get to do. Thank you for this kind offer!

  57. The colors are so pretty. I don’t know who will have more fun putting this together–the kids or I!

  58. I have not seen your website before – but I am THRILLED to find it now! What beautiful papers and creativity you have. I have grandchildren that love for us to read to them. What a neat way to show them God’s creation. Thank you

  59. This looks great! Please email me soon! We will be starting Creation tomorrow!

  60. I have been wanting to learn how to do digital scrap booking for such a long time. I never gave much thought to using it as an educational tool. My daughter is getting ready to home school for the first time this fall. Her oldest son is extremely creative and loves the computer. This would be a great addition to her curriculum.

    Thank you so much.

  61. I’m looking forward to trying digital scrapbooking! Thanks so much!

  62. Looks like something beautiful to try. Hopefully, it will be fairly simple to learn.

  63. I would love to receive the creation scrapbook/lapbook. It looks very interesting and fun. I am a beginning scrapbooker with tons of pictures to do and have done some lapbooking. I am not very gifted in the creative area 🙂

  64. Great templates! Thanks!

  65. How neat, Robin! We’ll be starting with Creation next year in school (and will be using your Biblical Holidays to celebrate the feasts!).
    Thanks so much!

  66. What a beautiful kit you have put together. Thank you for your kindess in sharing 🙂

  67. Sallyann

    Just started homeschooling and this is a great way to get my boy doing creative stuff! Thanks for making this avaliable

  68. Leslie neville

    You have changed the way I homeschool and the way I feel about homeschooling. Between the work boxes, which we call “super-cal-i-frag-i-listic” boxes, super boxes for short, to lapbooking, it has revolutionized my day. I hope that digital lapbooking is what I am looking for for my 7th grader.

  69. Robin, thank you again for your ministry. I give glory to God for the wealth of inspiration I have found in your books and website. God bless you!

  70. Andrea Gonzalez

    Hi Robin, I just wanted to let you know how much YHWH has used you in my life and my kids. You have been an inspiration to me. I homeschool my son who has Asperger Syndrome. I wanted to do it for some time but did not know where to begin. Until I stumbled onto your book Biblical holiday book and it all grew from there. This week we are celebrating our first Passover together as a family, I thank the Almighty for that and for you. Now I’m starting to scrapbook and I absolutely love your ideas which are so full of color and energy. My son loves them to thank you for all that you’ve done. Oh and thanks for the lesson plans their great. Shalom from Puerto Rico, and have a wonderful Passover.

  71. Hi Robin, it looks like so much fun! My daughters and I would love to make this! Thanks!

  72. We haven’t tried digital scrapbooking yet, but this kit looks really cute! Can’t wait to try it.
    Thank you for all you do, Robin

  73. Thank you for the free kit, looks awesome!

  74. Stephanie

    Thie is so amazing! I can’t wait to get a free one!! Thanks you so much!!

  75. These are stunning as well! What a huge blessing you are to all of us! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to download and use these 🙂 Biggest hugs to you!

  76. Rhonda Walker

    Wonderful work! So creative and beautiful!!

  77. Looks really nice! Good work!

  78. I can’t wait to try it… We love new adventures… lol

    Thank you!!!!

  79. you are so generous how do you do all that you do? It is amazing to me and inspiring. Thank you for your servanthood, In Him

  80. This looks awesome! I am just starting in digital scrapbooking with my daughter. I know she will love this creative way of learning!

  81. I am very excited to try these!

  82. Thanks so much Robin, can’t wait!!!

  83. These look great. Thanks for sharing them.

  84. Thanks! I am looking forward to creating wtih these lovely materials.

  85. Wow! What a great idea. Looking forward to trying them.

  86. This is perfect. This would be great for reinforcing what they learn. Thank you for your generosity.

  87. Can’t wait to check the kit out! Thanks for the freebies.

  88. Looking forward to checking out the kit!

  89. These are beautiful backgrounds and I like the word art… the color scheme will be perfect for scrapping my brother’s upcoming wedding photos. thanks so much. look forward to adding this to my collection.

  90. I would like the free downloads please

  91. I have homeschooled for a long time, have my first one in college now, but we both still love to scrap, and would love the idea of getting into digital scrapbooking. Love the blending of learning, Biblical scrapping and Messianic flavor, as these have been our passion for a long time. My college student start with a scrapbook of her mission trip to UK & Ireland where she had her 12th birthday, far from us and home. She used the powerpoint to share her experience with those that help her make the trip…She’s going to love it this summer when I share your website with her! Thanks so much!

    • forgot to tell you that since my father was a born-again Jew, and Southern Baptist minister, no retired, each of our children have celebrated Passover and learned of the Biblcial feasts from infancy…and my husband, a minister as well has helped us teach and lead others to a deeper understanding of who God is. We look forward to using your tools as we continue to train the next generation in our home, and other parents as well. Blessings!

  92. Becky Husband

    I am so excited to start digital scrap booking during our school (we home school too!!) this is just a perfectly beautiful kit I can’t wait!! I love your H.O.W. site… so many wonderful ideas to help keep homeschool fresh and exciting! Thank you!!!

  93. Dawn Kilgore

    I just started digtal scrapbooking after seeing all your beautiful scrapbooktolearn. It looks like it will be addicting..getting my girls into it too. This is a beautiful kit. Thank you!

  94. Thank you so much. I can hardly wait to get started. It is so refreshing to find someone else who wants to show the importance in God in our lives and in our memories. What better way to remember he is always with us and will never leave us. Thanks again your work is beautiful and so creative. It is very generous of you to share is with everyone especially those of us who don’t have all the creativity you do but want our memories to reflect our most important values.

  95. I am so happy to have found your website. I was looking for a way to display/keepsake our project on Fruits of the Spirit. I think this would be perfect.

  96. This would be great fun for my 3 girls to use.

  97. love the color scheme especially – purple is my favorite. These are beautiful.

  98. I love your kit! I am hoping to make something for my mom for mother’s day with it. Thanks

  99. Alessandra

    Thank you for the kit, it’s really Beautiful, i love the colors. =) Thanks!!!

  100. Stephanie

    Hi I would love to get this link to download! So pretty!!

  101. Michele Clark

    HI – would love to be blessed with this creation scrapbook kit. Looks fantastic for my kids. 🙂 thanks

  102. Angela Hiatt

    These are beautiful Robin! I would love to add them to my collection if still available! Thanks for your willingness to allow Christ to use you for the glory of His Kingdom! You are truly a blessing to all of us other moms who want our children to be “taught by the Lord…that their peace may be great…that they may be established in righteousness.” Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  103. Astonishing beautiful kit….I’m without words

  104. sooooooo pretty
    this is gorgeous!

  105. audrey martinez

    The colors are very pretty, m girls are looking forward to being creative and having fun! Thanks for your hard work!

  106. I have gleaned so much info from your site. Thank you!

  107. Tara Wiley

    Okay, I can tell that digital scrapbooking is something I really need to try… So I hope this kit will motivate me (and my son!) 🙂

  108. I love your work! The tree and words are just beautiful! Great to use for Earth Day pages.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  109. I’d love this kit. I am just getting started with digital scrapbooking……I actually think it is going to be easier for me, if I can just let go of my texture-loving ways… 🙂
    Thank you so much for your generosity. God has truly blessed you with many great talents. Thanks for passing the blessings on to us!

  110. I have never tried digital scrapbooking, looks like great fun, how do you get started please?

  111. Oh my goodness!! How creative you are! I can not wait to use these in our children’s class in church! Thank you for sharing.

  112. Very nice kit. It is a wonderful idea for younger children. I teach so I will definitely use it. Thanks

  113. We have never tried digital scrapbooking before but it looks fun and exciting (especially for my 2 hands-on kids) and we are eager to try! Thank you!

  114. Great kit! It will make a great visual for teaching.

  115. I love the look of this scrapbook!!!!!!!!!
    I have just started and I really am enjoying it!

  116. I love this idea. I made a Power Point Presentation for my 7 year old to teach him creation, but this will allow him to get involved.

  117. they’re beautiful..thank you so much! 🙂

  118. Beautiful Scrapbook. Can’t wait to get started!

  119. Thank you so much for this! I would love a link to this download. By the way, if someone doesn’t have photo-editing software, Gimp can be downloaded for free.

  120. Linda ~ North Bend, OR

    Just discovered your website this morning! We will start homeschooling next year, and have been searching for Godly resources. I am so delighted to have found yours! What a treasure! I am looking forward to discovering more here, and appreciate all the work you’ve put into helping others. God bless you!

  121. I’d LOVE to have this set! I havn’t done much digital scrapbooking (I’ve made a few collages, portrait wise), but I’d love to start!!! 😀

  122. These are lovely!

  123. What a great idea! I’ve heard of digital scrapbooking, but never seen it demonstrated. Beautiful papers and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  124. I am a traditional scrapper, however, these are incredible. I am thinking of doing some of these and having them printed to add to my albums on 12×12 of course.

    Great Job!!



    Love the kit I would love to add them to my collection

  126. Kathy B.

    These are beautiful. I can hardly wait to try this alternative project for those of us who seem to get glue in the wrong places…. Thanks for your generous offer!

  127. Just looking into digital scrapbooking, as dd has discovered MS Publisher, which is a great start, but I’m sure there are better things out there. This looks beautiful, looking forward to seeing what we can do with it. Thank you.

  128. Yes, please email this to me. 🙂 I’m new to digi scrap, this looks like FUN!!!

  129. Wow how neat! I’ve done a tiny amount of digital scrapbooking but not much. The creation theme goes perfect for our school plans for next year, so I am so excited about this digital scrapbook!!

  130. Thank you so much for these wonderful blessings. The LORD has truly blessed you with many talents and the gift of giving. This is absolutely all coming from the hand of GOD! Thank YOU LORD JESUS for and all who are involved in developing this site and all the creativity that has come out of it. I thank you for their willingness to share with other homeschoolers and paper crafting enthusiasted. Please bless each person abundantly with many treasures to be stored up in heaven on their account. 🙂 Thank you again!:)

  131. I forgot to add above in my comment. Would you please send me links to the mentioned scrapbook kit. If you have any others, it would be a blessing to receive anything you may have. Thank you! 🙂

  132. I LOVE this kit! I scrapbook now, but would really like to do this digitally. Seems so daunting, but thinking of it in 5 steps makes it seem doable. Thanks for the encouragement!

  133. What a beautiful kit! my 10 year old will love it! thanks so much, Robin!

  134. Kelly O'Brien

    Love the idea of digital scrapbooking…can’t wait to try!

  135. Hello, I really love this scrapbooking kit and I am so new to scrapbooking. Are you still giving out the link for t6his kit? If so, I would really enjoy this one.
    Email is: umm underscore abdulbasir at msn dot com

    Thank you so much!

  136. These are absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to start digital scrapbooking.

  137. Jenni Jordan

    Hi Robin, I am slowly getting started in digital scrapping, and would love to get this free kit to make some examples for my daughter and 5 grandchildren. She was h/s, and now h/s 4 of the five children. They are doing paper scrapbooking and love it.
    Jenni, Australia. (on the h/s Lounge)

  138. Wow…thanks for the tutorial…I have always wanted to try digi scrapbooking, but didn’t really know how to get started…You make it look VERY easy…I may need to watch the tutorial a few times…I love that it can be incorporated with school work/projects and the possibilities for professional projects is unlimited…what a time we live in.
    Thank you again for your generous offer…I really appreciate it!

  139. Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to try it with the kids!

  140. Cannot wait to start digital scrapbooking!!

  141. Cannot wait to try digital scrapbooking!

  142. Lorraine

    Great job and thank you for all your hard work what a Blessing

  143. Rebekah Scott

    Wow….. This is so inspiring! Who knew computer scrap-booking existed! I can’t wait to get started!

  144. This kit is just beautiful! I absolutely love the colors. Thanks!

  145. I love it!!
    very nice Kid-thanks
    Greeting from Manu

  146. So lovely!!! congrats!

  147. It’s look so much fun… I want to try it with my kids… so they can get more fun in homeschooling 🙂 God Bless You…

  148. I want to try these with my kids.. so they can have more fun in homeschooling. GOD bless you…

  149. Betty Bos

    Graag ontvang ik de gratis scrapbook kit
    Heart if wisdom

    bij voorbaad hartelijk dank

    groetjes Betty

  150. Oriana O

    Hi, im beggining in the scrapboking thing and i love it! thanks for share

  151. This looks very promising! I hope to use it with my children’s Bible class soon! Thanks!

  152. Ruby Perdue

    this kit is very beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  153. I have been scrapbooking for 6 years and never tried digital scrapbooking before. I would love to try and be introduced.

  154. This is beautiful! I am requesting it for my daughter who loves scrapbooking. We have never done digital scrapbooking before.

  155. Beautiful I never thought of digital scrapbooking until I seen these. I’m excited to get started!!!These are wonderful Keepsakes.

    Thank you!

  156. Digital scrapbooking is such a great idea. I can’t wait to get started making some keepsake books with my kids!

  157. This looks like a wonderful way to teach the creation. I hope its not too addictive!

  158. Tracey and Cassie

    We just started homeschooling this year and having my daughter scrapbook the year would be a great idea for a great finish! Thank you so much!


  159. Love the colors.

  160. This sounds so good i love learning about digital scrapbooking its so fun and yours looks like a great tool

  161. oh my!! This is awesome!! Can’t wait to use it! 😉 Thanks!

  162. Wow. How awesome of you to share this with us. I am an avid scrapbooker, and think something like this would really motivate my unmotivated 12 year old daughter!! Thank you so much xx

  163. Nancy Dennis

    The papers are so beautiful. I am can’t wait to use them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  164. Cute !!!

  165. Justin Rome Lacsamana

    The kits are very beautiful…….. It’s LEGENDARY

  166. Stacy Hajek

    We are new to digi-scrapping and these look like so much fun for the kiddos! Thanks.

  167. lindo

  168. Nice, can i get more freebies ?

  169. I love digital and these are beautiful.

  170. Thank you, Robin – looking forward to it! x

  171. I have just discovered lapbooks having scrapbooked for 10 years and having a 4 year old son I love the concept. Your website is amazing – lovely images and designs. Just because I are doing something with my son dosen’t mean I have to compromise on style. Thankyou for the inspiration x

  172. Love all the kits…. hoping to finish my son’s first year baby book with a few of these.. Thanks!!

  173. Brigitte

    Hi, I would really like to try this digital scrapbooking.

  174. I love this site and the scrapbook goodies. i would love to have them as i start a new chapter in homeschooling :0)

  175. The stuff is beautiful, can i download it. thanks

  176. Ta very much!

  177. Thank you so much. Wish I found your website when I tried to homeschool my son. By the way, I love my kindle too!

    God bless,

  178. It’s awesome, I love your website

  179. This digital scrapbook looks awesome and would be a great project to do with the children in my church

  180. Rosemary

    I love the title ‘heart of wisdom.’
    Please may I download the scrapbook kit.
    Thank you

  181. Hi, this is beautiful, would love to learn how to create this! We are planning to frame up God’s word!

  182. I would LOVE to make that creation book with my guys! Do you have a guide or instructions with the download? 🙂

  183. I have been considering trying digital scrapbooking, but I don’t know where to start. I would love to give it a try with your kit!

  184. I´ve also been considering digital scrapbooking:) Which software do you think is the best to use? Is it the same as the one above? Look forward to trying this out:)

  185. These pictures are beautiful. They give me lots of ideas. Thanks.

  186. Charlotte

    I just found your website and love what you’ve done! Thanks for the opportunity to explore digital scrapbooking.

  187. Debbie Callander

    Love all your beautiful, creative things!!! Such a blessing and so happy to have found you. So inspired to go create something now! Bless ya!

  188. Padma David

    I love the idea of digital scrapbook….I want to encourage my 10 years old daughter to explore and create scrapbook on biblical concepts. Thanks!

  189. wow, I love this kit! Im glad I stumbled upon your page. Id love to be able to download it 🙂

  190. My girls will just love making cards with these! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  191. I would love to use the digital scrap booking with my daughter and grandaughter this fall while home schooling. Thanks- they look awesome!

  192. This is wonderful! Something new to me and the kids, we will be starting Heart of Wisdom next Fall. So exciting! Thank you!

  193. Sue Fisher

    This looks great. Thank you

  194. This kit is beautiful! I am about to start a unit on creation with my girls, and this kit would be a fabulous way to bring it all together! Thank you for all you do!

  195. scrapping a trip to Israel and looking for digital kits…thanks! It’s beautiful!

  196. would love info. i have a large family and would like to teach them more about how to get them involved in home schooling and the Bible. the site is so informitive.

  197. Beautiful layouts and papers. Hoping to learn how to do digital scrapbooking. Thank you for the designs.

  198. These are so adorable. I am new a scrapbooking and I am trying to get up some kits to play around with to see what I can make. I enjoy scrap booking. And I hope I learn lots of new things and ways to make things. Thanks so much.

  199. Ingrid Fernandez

    I love this kit!!

  200. I found your site through a Google search. These papers are lovely and I would love to have them as I begin my adventure into digital scrapbooking.

  201. This looks interesting, digital scrapbooking. Would love to give it a go!

    Just started looking through you site and I’m sure I will visit here awhile.

    Thanks for your info.

  202. Christi Stradley

    Is this compatible with Creative Memories? I would like to have the download and you are right digital scrap booking is very addictive!

  203. I haven’t done digital scrapbooking but it is definetly something we will try this year please sen them to me thanks

  204. love this cannot wait to use it!!!!!!!! yayy yayy yayyyy

  205. I would love to do this lapbook. I am amazed it is beautiful.

  206. Sheila Elmore

    The kit is wonderful. I would like very much to have this in my collection. Thanks for the opportunity to get it.

  207. Julie Cross

    Thank you for the opportunity to have this free of charge. I’m new to this medium and this will help enhance my skills.

  208. Bobbie Ann

    I would love the kit — beautiful

  209. This is one of the best teaching tools I have found, I love that its is informational, creative and hands on. I am excited to receive the downloads for the creation digital scrapbook. I think that this will help add personality to future projects. Thanks

  210. Can you please send me the kit want to try and learn the scrap booking

  211. Looks beautiful, and I’m excited to begin digital scrapbooking. Thank you so much!!

  212. These are beautiful, I am new to homeschooling and looking for interesting ways to present things to my son. I would love to add these to my files.

  213. What a wonderful set. I never tried digital scrapbooking. And am anxius to do so. Thanks a lot in advance. Greets Vivian

  214. Thank you for having so many wonderful freebies. I have shared you with others on Pintrest.

  215. What a beautiful surprise to see creation displayed so well. thank you

  216. This is wonderful. I’m a newbie when it comes to scrapbooking and I’d lover to see beautiful kits such as this. Thanks.

  217. Ren Waite

    These are WOW

  218. Nice. thanks, would love to do more

  219. I am interested in trying out digital scrapbooking. With so many young kids in the house it is hard to have the normal scrapbook supplies laying out.

  220. What a wonderful set, i love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  221. shubhra jain

    What an amazing kit…beautiful pattern papers and embellishments ! Thnx for sharing …..:)

  222. Angie Noe

    I am looking forward to trying this

  223. Jennifer Cox

    These are beautiful. Thank you so much for all you do!

  224. Ordained

    Beautiful ~ I would love to try this out!

    ~ Ordained

  225. So, so beautiful!!

  226. What a winderful idea. I am looking for things on creation to start for bible this fall. Thankyou

  227. Krista Janga

    I love the idea that you can scrapbook the creation. I am always looking for new ideas to inspire my Sunday School children! This would be awesome to have! Thanks

  228. These pages are beautiful. I’d like to try digital scrapbooking. 🙂

  229. Wow! What a great collection. Thank you!

  230. amazing and wonderful site you have here! I am so excited I found this through Pintrest! The tutorials are so appreciated! I am teaching my 8 year old granddaughter at home during these summer months and so love the way you have incorporated the use of Gods word with your images! I’m excited to watch her learn some of these techniques on the computer and look forward to visiting here frequently!

  231. Lally Dela Rosa

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