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Dozens of Digital Scrapbook Freebies!

march450Welcome to the Etsy Digital Designer’s Fresh as Spring Color Challenge.

This month’s theme is spring, the new birth,  a second chance. The barrenness of winter taken over by new blossoms, flowers, green grass and baby animals. What better colors to reflect this theme than than yummy ruby, pink, green, orange, and aqua!

The purpose of these challenges are to introduce you to the fabulous designers on Etsy!Below are several FREEBIES, digital scrapbook kits, clip art items, prints and more.

Click around the blogs, and stores and get to know our team. Visit and like each designers Facebook page in for even more freebies!


  1. The 2012 Mosquito Surveillance and Control Plan includes spraying areas of New York City that previously had been at high-risk for disease transmission and using outbreak data from previous years to come up with surveillance models and other plans with a primary emphasis on prevention

  2. “That would be an option that we would consider. Because again, the president does not view these negotiations as having a goal of keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan,” he said. “He views these negotiations as in service of these two missions” of counterterrorism and training and equipping Afghan forces.

  3. Cooper and the team headed to an isolated village in the mountains in eastern Congo called Walungu. For years there’s been armed groups fighting in this region; thousands of men emerge from the forest to terrorize villages and steal women. Congo’s government seems unable or unwilling to stop them.Two weeks into Adam Kaufman’s trial, a surprising witness for the defense: Lina Kaufman’s mother, Frida Aizman.

  4. National exit polls from both the 2000 and 2008 elections show that Mr. Clinton’s and Mr. Bush’s records, while not a determining factor, did influence a large segment of voters. In 2008, 51 percent of respondents said they strongly disapproved of Mr. Bush’s handling of his job, and 82 percent of those voters cast their ballots for Mr. Obama. In 2000, 44 percent of voters said the Clinton-era scandals were at lease somewhat important to their vote. Beyond those numbers, the fear of a de facto third Clinton or third Bush term could be found in the candidates themselves. 2000 Democratic nominee Al Gore and 2008 Republican nominee John McCain almost never campaigned alongside the incumbent presidents.

  5. “Of course not,” she replied.

  6. So he took on a new mission helping veterans transition to civilian life through community service, like renovating a Los Angeles community center.

  7. Marriage has always been evolving, but it’s changed more dramatically in the past 100 years than in the past 1,000. And not just concerning who can marry — also when people marry, and why.

  8. That could be key for Republicans, given how unenthused their base seems so far: A recent showed voters are less excited about the current GOP candidates than they were about their 2008 choices. On top of that, turnout in several of this year’s primary elections compared to Republican turnout in 2008 contests.

  9. What programs will NOT be cut? Social Security, Medicaid, supplemental security income, refundable tax credits, the children’s health insurance program, the food stamp program and veterans’ benefits. The White House has also said military personnel would be exempt from the cuts.

  10. Unfortunately, that carefree time didn’t last too long. My friend had invested substantial sums in the stock market, and two market crashes later he’d exhausted his savings just 10 years after retirement. To make matters worse, he lost his home when he could no longer make the mortgage payments. He’s now in his late 70s and is driving deliveries to make ends meet. His “golden years” have rusted out!

  11. This is about creativity, not caliber.