Free Lapbook Templates

Free Lapbook Templates

A lapbook is made up of minit books, small booklets that contain the things your child has learned.

Fan booklet for lapbooks

Fan Booklet Template

flower book templateCircle Book Template 2

tag booklet template

Tag Booklet Template

flower book template

Circle Book Template 3

flower book templateFlower Book Template flower book templateCircle Book Template 4
flower book templateScalloped Book Template flower book templateTab Book Template
heart shape template book Heart Booklet Template
flower book templateIdea Book Template
triangle bookTriangle Book Template flower book templateCircle Tag Book Template
flower book templateDoodle Book Template
Lapbook templates Square Tag Template

cloud shape book lapbok template Cloud Book Template

octagon book template

Octgon Book Template

T booklet lapbook template

T Book Template with Cover


Fan booklet for lapbooks

Layered Booklet Template

3 Flapbook lapbook template 3 Flap Flap book Template

Small Pocket Template (2 pg)

4 Flapbook lapbook template 4 Flap Flap book Template
T booklet lapbook template Accordion Small Rounded Corner Template

flower book template

Oval Tag Book Template

Accordian Lapbook Template Large Accordion Template
3 Flapbook Matchbook Template

Accoddian template lapbook

Accordion Booklet Template

circle book lapbook template Circle Book Template
Lapbook templates
Hexagon Book Template

How to Get these B&W Templates Free

Order them here in one easy to download file.

Color Coordinated Templates

Heart of Wisdom Scrap-Lapbook Kits each consisting of a dozen or more color coordinated templates. This is a lapbook made with Ancient Egypt Scrap-Lapbook .


Each kit will include blank books templates so they can be used for any lapbook theme.  You add the images , labels, and text.

Here are the color schemes for the new Ancient History: Adam to Messiah Lapbooks. These can also be used to make many other kits.


The Weather lapbook below was created using HOW’s Scrap-Lapbook Kit with Homeschool Share’s free Weather Words lapbook. These booklets could also be used for an ocean theme.


This patriotic kit made while studying the American Revolution using book  Eyewitness American Revolution and images from the Internet. The  red, white and blue booklets can be used for any patriotic study (Betsy Ross, Julr 4th, etc)


The peachy pink booklet are perfect for butterflies or any girly project. For this we used Eyewitness Butterflies and Moths and images from the Internet (Google Image search).


Ink Friendly Projects!

You don’t have to worry about using up a lot of ink with these kits. We set out to make them affordable. Only the covers are in color. The insides are black and white. Less than 1/8th of an 8.5×11 is in color to make an accordion booklet.


The  yellow and red booklets were originally created for a Bee-Attitude lapbook  but booklets can  make any lapbook project (insects, apples, chickens,  alphabet, colors, math, etc).


Most of the kits use gender neutral colors for boys or girls.


Since these are digital products you purchase once and can print out pages over and over for many children or many different lapbooks.

Look for the Scrap-Lapbook Kits in our store soon.

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  1. Wendy R says:

    Those lapbook templates look great!

  2. LaTeaDah says:

    I am interested in receiving the password and download link for these awesome templates. Thank you!

  3. Shannon Kuhlman says:

    These are cool! Just what one would need to get started and build confidence in lap booking. Thanks.

  4. Lynell says:

    I would love to get these templates. Thanks for offering.

  5. Lois says:

    Wow, what wonderful templates. Thank you so much! Heard about this through LaTeaDah.

  6. scrapippi says:

    Wow, the templates look great. Thank you very much.

  7. Katrina O'Connor says:

    This is really neat! I can’t wait to incorp. this with our schooling! Thanks

  8. S says:

    Thanks for all the great templates.

  9. diacb says:

    Please send me the password for the templates. They look very nice. Thanks! :)

  10. Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing the templates. We are new to lapbooking this year…can’t wait to use them! :)

  11. Jami W says:

    So excited to use the lapbook templates! Thank you so much!

  12. Kristin welch says:

    I’d love the link! Also, do you have samples of these books?

  13. Kim says:

    I am very excited about HOW… Love all the helps you have blessed us with!!! Can’t wait to see these booklets.. :)

    Question??? I might have missed it, but how do I get the 2-4 years of HOW?????


  14. SHill says:

    I love your templates! These will be a great resource for building my lapbooking collection. Thanks so much!

  15. Kerri S says:

    I want my daughter to learn how to make her own lap books from scratch. Thanks for making your templates available for us to use. :)


  16. kelli says:

    what a nice gift! thank you-

  17. kelli says:

    um- well, i’m a little slow- i added my linky before i realized exactly what i was doing- i don’t have free templates for lapbooking- i am a homeschooler & i do have homeschool ideas & am working on offering printables- i have some free Bible lessons – bald eagle study….. more- thought i was leaving a comment sorry!

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  19. Danni says:


    I would love these!

    Please send ASAP, I can’t wait!

    All of your graphics are wonderful, I love them!

  20. Jackie says:

    Thank you for your time! You did a wonderful job!


  21. Would love to have access to these templates! THANK YOU!!

  22. Lisa says:

    Great templates! Thank you!

  23. I would love these templates. I’m going to incorporate lapbooking w/ my SS class this year. Thanks for the wonderful resources.

  24. Ceci says:

    These lapbooks look great! What a great job! My daughter loves doing lapbooks for her schooling. Thanks for the link!

  25. Stephanie says:

    These templates are awesome!! THank you so much for your website!! I love the free bible lapbooks and games… I am thinking school.. hehe Thanks so much and God bless!!

  26. Mary B Flanders says:

    I would love it also. They look great

  27. Mary B Flanders says:

    I would like it also. They look great!

  28. Ticia says:

    Wow! These look so neat!


    I am loving these……I wish I could be so creative….My son is already thinking of what we can make with these…. please…….


    Shannon Margaret

  30. Kalynn says:

    These are incredible. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  31. MaryAnn says:

    It is so kind of you to share these templates. We love making lapbooks, and look forward to using some new templates. Thanks!

  32. Debbie Schwartz says:

    I would greatly appreciate the password and link to your templates. Thank you very much.

  33. Dani Ramirez says:

    I can’t wait to use these templates for my social studies class!

  34. Lyn says:

    I would love to receive the password so that I can download these wonderful templates. Can’t wait to use them with the kids! Thank you so much!

  35. Lyn says:

    Please send me the password so that I may use the templates with my children. Thank you so much!

  36. erica says:

    i would love to have the templates
    thank u

  37. Teresa Dardaine says:

    Please send me the password and download link for your templates. Thank you for providing them!

  38. Ciara O'Keefe says:

    I am new to lapbooking and love the idea! We are learning about butterflies and American symbols so I am looking forward to seeing what we can come up with using these templates. Thank you very much.

  39. Tracey Blatchley says:

    Please send me the password and thanks for providing them!!

  40. Sandra says:

    Hi your templates look really great! Would love to be able to download them. Thanks :)

  41. Tara Wiley says:

    I am loving learning about your teaching approach and can’t wait to put it into practice this fall with my preschooler and 9 1/2 year old! Please send me the templates. :)

  42. Christel van Eyssen says:

    I would love these templates, thankyou

  43. Kari says:

    We love your site! New to lapbooking but looking forward to receiving these lovely new templates!
    Thanks so much!

  44. Martha says:

    Looking for some new hands on activities for the summer. These look great! Thanks for posting the templates and the books. :-)

  45. Rachel says:

    These look awesome! I’d love to have your templates!
    Are they editable (so that I can add words to them?)

  46. Dana says:

    I am definitely interested in beginning lapbooking with you children – a little nervous about getting started – these templates look like they will make the “up and running” much easier! Thanks for your help!!!

  47. Dana says:

    ooops — with “my” children — not “you” children — should proofread before posting!!! LOL

  48. Cori B says:

    We are doing a Rocks & Minerals Lapbook and would love to have these templates

  49. izzy says:

    love the lapbooks!!! Would really like to do this with my first graders! Thanks! (I hate to admit but I just learned about them!

  50. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for sharing these tags. They are also great for adding a bit of info to art work.

  51. Jennifer says:

    These look great! Thanks for sharing!

  52. valerie says:

    Interesting concept..I want to try it..thanks so much

  53. Allyson C says:

    Wow everything looks great.

  54. Angela Ferguson says:

    I love making lapbooks for my children, and these templates would be a great help!

  55. Tina says:

    Thank you!

  56. ayenn says:

    thank you for the wonderful templates! can’t wait to use them in our lapbooks:-)

  57. Sheralyn says:

    Thank you!!

  58. Janice says:

    I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I just love your stuff. God Bless You and Keep up the good work you are doing.

  59. Deborah says:

    Not sure if these are still available…we are missionaries in Hungary and truly love getting resources on-line. I am enjoying reading your website/blog. Thank you!

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  61. Lynn says:

    Working with Pre-schoolers and I think these would be a great asset to my teacher files.
    Thank you

  62. Anne Marie says:

    Another wonderful resource you have provided! Thanks for all the help and encouragement you provide to us homeschooling moms!

  63. Susan says:

    I wish I had found this before I bought some lapbook templates last week. Your templates are GREAT!

  64. Love, Love, Love these templates. Even better than the ones I have from someone else in a booklet. So want to try using these.


  65. Tracey ellis says:

    Thank u so much for this website. I would love to have the templates.

  66. kern says:

    This is so cool! I don’t have any children, but this is a great idea for me to journal! Love it.

  67. Kelly Nusbaum says:

    I would love to have the templates.
    thank you!

  68. Kristy says:

    These are fantastic! What an assortment. Are they still available? Thanks much.

  69. nikki says:

    Would love the password if still available please..
    Thanks Nikki

  70. Karen says:

    Please send me the password and download link for your templates. Thank you for providing them!

  71. Yasmine says:

    It’s a fantastic work. I can’t wait to have the link to those templates!!!
    Again, great job!!

    A french enthusiastic teacher

  72. Ingrid says:

    These lapbook templates are great!

  73. Daniela Figueiredo says:

    I am interested in receiving the password and download link for these awesome templates. Thank you!

  74. Trish says:

    Thank you for everything you do to help make learning the Bible fun for homeschooling!

  75. Yasmine says:

    I am really interested in your lapbooking work! I work with children from 7 to 12 and I think that we are all going to enjoy ourselves with your templates!!!
    Please, We can’t wait for the password and download link.

    Yasmine and her pupils

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  77. Teresa Ellis says:

    i would like to receive the free templates for the lapbooks, thank you

  78. Rose says:

    This is a great idea!!!
    Can wait to use it with my
    students. These will be used
    as mini grammar books.

  79. kimberly says:

    Thank you, my Aunt does this and shared the link with me, I cant wait to do some ourselves.

  80. julie says:

    you are so creative! I’ve used history pockets in the past and loved them.. your templates allow me to customize everything! I may use them for science as a reference tool. Putting how to do a lab write up. parts of the scientific process.

  81. Marjorie Watkins says:

    I love these templates! Am always looking for new ones and I have’nt got these.

  82. Jenny Wren says:

    These templates are fantastic! Pleasssssssssssse can I have the link?
    We are just starting on our lapbooking journey.

  83. Sunshine says:

    Looks great – thanks!

  84. Sunshine says:


  85. Sunshine says:


  86. riejoyce says:

    I can’t wait to use these with my Sunday School!!

  87. seejaymom says:

    Thank-you for these beautiful ideas.

  88. Amanda says:

    Would love to use these lapbook templates, and was also looking for links to free illustrations/clipart for using in portfolios and lapbooks. I’ll keep exploring your website. :) Thanks for providing so many helpful freebies!

  89. Von says:

    Yes, I would like the lapbook templates. Thanks for all you do for the homeschool community.

  90. Lauri says:

    Love these templates. Want to use for VBS!

  91. Lauri says:

    I love these templates and would like to use for VBS this year.

  92. Fati says:

    Hi! I’ve just learned about lapbooking and I loved the idea.I live in another country because my husband is studying here, so I have to teach my kids English and I think it will be fun to learn it by lapbooking.
    The templates look great and I would like to use them if that’s ok.
    Thank you:)

  93. Trish Orgis says:

    I can’t wait to start doing lapbooks with my kiddos for school. Thank you for sharing. God bless!

  94. Rebekah Scott says:

    I would love to receive these templates!

    Thanks for everything!

  95. Trish Orgis says:

    I can’t wait to get started with my boys for school working on these lapbooks… They enjoyed the Genesis lapbook so much. Thank you for blessing us with these.

  96. Trudy Johnson says:

    Wow, I just stumbled upon your website and am overwhelmed with all the amazing ideas! I can’t wait to start incorporating these into our lessons. Thanks!!

  97. isabelle says:


    very interesting site !!
    Can I have the link to download templates ?

    thnaks a lor

  98. cris says:

    love these.

  99. cris says:

    can i have the link please? thx.

  100. cris says:

    can i have the link please. thx.

  101. Daniela Figueiredo says:

    I love making lapbooks for my children, and these templates would be a great help for me

  102. Sandee Tucker says:

    Thank you inspiring me to do lapbooks! These are beautiful.

  103. Radhika says:

    Love the templates. I love making crafts and your templates are simply awesome. would love making a lapbook.

  104. kalli says:

    I love these templates! My husband accidentally deleted the email before I could download them! Please send them again!! Thank You!

  105. Karla says:

    These templates are just what I was looking for, they will be great for my scrapbooking needs and small gifts.

  106. Retha says:

    Your templates are an absolute blessing!
    Thank you for sharing it with us.



  107. Miriam says:

    Thank you for sharing the templates!

  108. Keila says:

    Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and shares! What a blessing! These templates will really help!

  109. Cee says:

    I love these templates. They would also come in handy when making displays.

  110. Colleen says:

    these are fantastic, thank you for taking the time to do this, I can see my girls using these over and over and over again

  111. Franci says:

    Please send me the password to your templates. I can’t wait to start using them!

  112. Courtney says:

    I am new to lapbooking and would love access to these free templates. Thanks for sharing!!!

  113. Carolyn says:

    Even I might be able to re-ignite my fire with these! Things have been difficult with relation to my girls schooling since their sister was born with Down Syndrome and health problems almost 3 years ago. Maybe this is the way to get them back ontrack. Thank you xx

  114. Audrey says:

    Are you still offering these templates? If do I would love them, I am trying to put together a resources lapbook for myself so that I can create lapbooks with our lessons easier :)

  115. Jill says:

    I’d love download these! Thanks!

  116. Monica says:

    I love these templates!

  117. Linda says:

    I would like to make a lap book. Please send me the templates. Thank you:)

  118. Griet says:

    Great templates! I’d like to use some of them in my own lapbooks. Thanks!

  119. Stephanie says:

    Please I would like the link for the free templates. This is going to be fun!

  120. Jodie says:

    Can you please send me the link and password for the templates? They’ll be such a help as I start homeschooling this year. Thanks!

  121. Tyra Wininger says:

    I would appreciate the Link for the downloads thank you so much. Have a wonderfully blessed day.

  122. Wanda Browning says:

    I am so excited about these templates! I teach a small Sunday School class and we are making a lapbook for each of Jesus’ Parables. Some new shapes for the mini booklets will be great. Thank you for sharing.

  123. Wendy says:

    Love the site–what a great resource!

  124. Margaret says:

    Wow, What a resource! Thank you for being so giving. I am excited to get started using them.

  125. Gina Gibson says:

    Thank you for sharing your hard work. These are great!

  126. Candice Kochut says:

    I just stumbled onto this site in search of something new to add to our homeschool next year. I love all the wonderful templates. Thank you very much for sharing them. God has truely used you to bless many others and I pray that you can see the blessing that He is pouring into your life and the lives of your children.

  127. Sarah says:

    I have seen lapbooks in teaching articles, but never tried them. Thanks for the chance!

  128. Marianne says:

    Love your site. I amk most interested in getting started. Please send me the download and the password link. Thanks.

  129. Gail says:

    I love these templates. What a lovely idea these lapbooks are!!! I would love to get the templates.

  130. Kim says:

    These templates are awesome!

  131. Bonnie says:

    Nice templates. I’d love to use them!

  132. Valerie says:

    Hi Robin,
    These are great templates. I would really appreciate the link to be able to download them and put them to use. You’re doing a great job with your site. :)

  133. savera says:

    finally found some free templates!!! great work thanks

  134. stephanie ulrich says:

    Is it too late to get these from you! We sure enjoyed the Creation 1-11 lapbook you created.

  135. Paula Schmidt says:

    I just learned about lapbooks and would love to try your templates. Thank you very much!

  136. Elizabeth says:

    I have never tried a lapbook, and we are just beginning homeschool. I’d love to try it!

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  138. Michael says:

    I’ll be starting lapbooking with my child this coming school year and would like to use what you have to get us started on the right foot. Thanks!

  139. Sandra says:

    Thank you for sharing your lapbook templates. I have wanted to try this for sometime now, but doing the first one seems to be a hurdle for some reason. Thanks for helping get us launched.

    Sandra Perry
    Calgary, Alberta

  140. eni says:

    so nice. Thank you for sharing this templates. I need 1 template for my homework. thank you,

    Jakarta, Indonesia

  141. Joanna says:

    I love all your templates. I can’t wait to use them!!

  142. Marchanon says:

    Thanks so much! God bless you and your willingness to share your gift with the not so ‘crafty’ ones!:-)

  143. rozette says:

    Nice, please send on how to get the template. thanks for sharing in advance

  144. dounia says:


    très interessant tout ça !

    je veux bien les modèles svp ils sont originaux merci pour votre travail

    le modele coeur m’interesse mais sinon ils sont tous interessant merci encore à vous pour ce partage ;-)))

  145. rozette says:

    thank you very much for the link :D

  146. kelly says:

    Lapbooking is so much fun!!!! The templates are beautiful please send me the password thankyou

  147. Tara says:

    I would love to use your templates! I’m new to lapbooking but would like to give it a try! Thanks!

  148. Mimi says:

    I am looking forward to download and use with my kids.

    Thank you!

  149. nickie says:

    We’ve never tried lapbooking before, but your templates almost make it seem doable! Thank you!

  150. Marty says:

    These are great templates for lapbooks…esp.for special-ed.

  151. Sheila Elmore says:

    What a wonderful idea. This is the first I have heard about these. Thanks!!

  152. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! look like they would be soooooo fun and easy to use!

  153. Amy F says:

    These are great!! This is my first year of homeschooling and I have never heard of lapbooks…everyone was talking about them so I googled them. Can’t wait to get started on our own!! These templates and ideas look fantabulous!! Thanks!

  154. Natalie says:

    Thanks so much for these awesome templates and all that you give!!

  155. Tracy says:

    Thank you, Robin, for always offering so much to other homeschoolers! These templates are great (LOVE the color coordinated ones)!


  156. Amy says:

    What a great share! I love both the B&W and the color. Thanks Robin!

  157. Rebecca G. says:


    I love freebies and would love this one, too. I’m already thinking of how I can use them for Christmas.

    God bless,

    Rebecca G.

  158. Lisa W. says:

    This is awesome! My daughter will love them!!

  159. Angela says:

    These templates will be really useful for lapbooking with my daughter. The coloured ones would be lovely if I was able to afford them, but unfortunately we have to home educate on a very tight budget as my husband is unemployed and I’m a full-time Mum.

  160. Jennifer says:

    WOW!!! is all I can say…so much in one place. I can’t wait to start using these templates.

  161. Heather says:

    I would love to have the templates to use with our lapbooks and I am also interested in the Colored Coordinated Lapbook Kits.

  162. Kelly Blais says:

    I’m interested in receiving the templates, looking forward to using them. Thanks for offering them.

  163. Gayle Toohey says:

    Great templates thanks for all your hard work. I am a beginner at all this but enjoy finding crafts for kindy kids to emphasise bible stories during scripture class. Colour is good but costly. It would be good to have both options.

  164. Vivian says:

    I would love to reiceive the templates. I´m starting to to preschool activities with my grandchildren. Thanks vivian

  165. Nora Pollaard says:

    Fantastic templates!! Going back to first grade and was looking for some new ideas and I found some!!! Thanks!!!

  166. Dawn says:

    I just discovered your site. I would love to try out lapbooks with my daughter!!!

  167. Molly says:

    Wonderful website and beautiful templates. Really professional looking scrapbook and lapbook layouts. Can’t wait to get started using these. I am interested in the lapbook kits. Thanks for sharing!

  168. NAYDINE says:

    Last night I was trying to figure out how to make sort of a board, but smaller, and will allow the kids to easily keep it. I had a picture in my mind, but I could not figure out the calculations, of how! I prayed and went to bed. Looking for some bible verses on anger, I stubmled upon “Heart of Wisdom.com.” I saw an unknown term, lapbook, so I investigated it. Although I’m was unfamiliar with the term, I was deeply familiar with the concept. This was the same concept that lingered upon my mind last night! Praise teh Lord!!! The Lord will truly tell us all things!!! I thank the Lord for Heart of Wisdom and its visionaries.

  169. Tundi says:

    I’d like to download those beautiful and practical templates. Thanks in advance.

  170. Tundi says:

    I’d like to download these superb templates. Thanks for the password in advance.

  171. Anamarie Helms says:

    These are great. I was looking for something fun to do in the classroom and these are it. I want to do one myself :)

  172. Debi Miller says:

    The templates are wonderful! Thank You!

  173. Becky says:

    Lapbooks rock! In my SPED classroom, they work so well with my students and their various disabilities. I would love to have the B&W templates and the color coordinated ones would help me use some of my large supply of scrapbook paper.

  174. Becky Husband says:

    You have some of the most beautiful lapbooks I have ever seen. The color cordinated ones are awesome. I can’t wait to start lapbooking with my kids!!

  175. Deanna says:

    Love your color coordinated lapbooks! Thank you for sharing!

  176. Lara says:

    New to lapbooking- would love these awesome templates!!


  177. Christy Quinn says:

    I would love to have them. The girls and I are doing our first lap books this year. Thank you for all you do!

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  179. Jaz says:

    I just love your Colored Coordinated Lapbook Kits. My daughter is just starting into the 3 year of homeschooling and I am always looking for new ways to make learning fun and interesting. I think you have managed to do both! And to check out your templates above would be a pleasure! Thank you, Jaz

  180. Julie says:

    I would love to have these! I’m excited to start doing lapbooks with my 7 year old. :)

  181. Janice says:

    awsome I can’t wait to try these out !! thank you

  182. Jenny says:

    These look great! Would love to have a copy for use in our studies. Thanks!

  183. Karen says:

    I am so excited about your material! I have been searching for good ideas for Bible classes for a long time. I am excited to begin using your ideas. Thank you, Karen

  184. Veronica says:

    Your website has been inspiring to me! I’m going to be brave this year and try lapbooking with my children, thanks to you!

  185. Shelly says:

    Hi Robyn,
    Wow!! These look wonderful. Have been reading about lapbooking for a while now and would love to get the password and download link for the black and white templates, if they’re still available.Also am very interested in the colour. Makes things much more fun!!These will go a long way in helping me get started – just haven’t been quite sure of how/where to start in the past. You really are so creative!!Thanks for taking the time to provide all of this to the homeschooling community Robyn, you’re so generous and it certainly makes my job so much easier.
    Blessings to you and yours,


    Can I have the link for the templates please?

  187. Claire says:

    These are fantastic! I would love to get the templates also please!

  188. Holly Payne says:

    I love your ideas. This is all new to me and I am excir=ted to get started.I would love the link to the templates. Blessings

  189. Laura Rice says:

    I would really appreciate receiving the link(s) and password for the above templates! You’ve obviously put a lot of work into them and I am so grateful! Thank you!

  190. Jennifer says:

    Love your templates. Can’t wait to use them with my kids! Thanks for posting them.

  191. Phyllis Kenderdine says:

    I would love the templates. I teach a 4 year old preschool and am presently teaching the creation. I have done several lapbooks in the past and find this is a great way for the children to retain what they have been taught for years to come. Thanks for the templates.

  192. Misty says:

    I am just now learning about lapbooking and would be very intersted in the link and password for the templates

    Thank you so much

    God bless

  193. karla says:

    I love these lapbooks! I can not wait to start these with my children this coming year. I would love the templates.
    Thanks for sharing!

  194. Debs says:

    I am a teacher in the Caribbean who is just learning about using lapbooks. So any help I can get I certainly do appreciate. I would like to get these templates. Thanks for sharing.

  195. Pauline says:

    I would love the link and password to these wonderful templates. What a fantastic resource to begin lapbooking! Your lapbooks are beautiful!

  196. Jai says:

    the templates are perfects….. i want use them for my office booklet…….. i love them…

  197. Amanda says:

    I would love to have you send me the link for these so I may use them with my students thanks so much God Bless

  198. Chris says:

    Great work – Please send me the password for the templates that I might download. I am new to lapbooking and would love to see the color coordinated ones as well

  199. Linda says:

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    Thank You. I have spent forever on the internet trying to find the information you have here. I am new to lapbooking and can really use this.

  208. Tara Baker says:

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    Hello again. You emailed me the password and download link a few months back. Now I cannot find it. You may remember me, I had a horrible time trying to get my password to work and had to contact you several times only to find out my computer was copying a space at the end of the password so it wasn’t accepted. LOL Anyway, just hoping to get the link again. Doing a lapbook today and REALLY wanted to use some of these templates. Thanks so much.

    • Jami W says:

      YAY! I found it! Nevermind! But thank you, thank you, thank you again for this resource!

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    Kindly send me the password
    Greetings from South Africa

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    I really liked those lapbooks. I want to know how to download the templates.

    Keep on doing the good work!

    Have a nice day.


    Teacher Julio Cesar, from Redencao da Serra, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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    Please could you send me the link to these unusual minibook templates. It is always so lovley to find something new and creative!
    (I have a few of my own to share on blog too)

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    thanks a million!

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    Margaret from Michigan

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    I have purchase many of your lap books already and will keep my eyes open for your new ones..

    Thank you!!!

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  285. Sandra S says:

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    Thanks so much for all of your hard work creating them and sharing them with us!!!

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    ~Carol Brister

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  326. [...] Click here to get Free Templates [...]

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  340. Helena says:

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  341. […] Heart of Wisdom- If you are ready to venture out on your own and create your own lapbooks, this site offers free templates to get you started. […]

  342. […] Heart of Wisdom- If you are ready to venture out on your own and create your own lapbooks, this site offers free templates to get you started. […]

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