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Get Organized with Trello

I am a list maker so I fell in love with Trello,  a free collaboration tool that organizes your project lists into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. I use Trello to organize my work, hobbies, and home life.


Trello’s user interface features a basic virtual corkboard-like space to which you and your collaborators can pin task cards. Task cards can be arranged into columns such as “to do,” “in progress,” and “completed.” You can name and arrange the columns however you see fit. Each task card on your Trello board can be assigned to individuals in your group. Trello allows you to create and be a member of multiple boards.

Each board contains cards (cards have “a front” and ” a back”. My boards include projects, housework, homeschool, blogs, scrapbooking, etc.



  • BOARDS are made up of multiple LISTS
  • Each lists contains CARDS
  • Cards move from list to list to indicate progression.
  • Cards can be flipped over to use the back to make checklist, add web sites or images
  • You can share a board with a family member (Honey Do) or co-worker (development)


Click on any card to add a checklist, URL link, image, note, or due date.

Edit Shortcut

Close up of Design Deadline List





Back of Design Deadline Card


Kids Chores

Make a list of children’s chore by week or child.


Add check list to the back. Get creative and offer rewards (borad gane trip to park) when all chilre are checked off.



Outlining a Novel

I’m working on a fiction novel (shhhh, no telling).


Color Code, Add Icons


Homeschool Planning

It is great for organizing and planning your homeschool. When I run across a link, worksheet, or image I want to use later in the year I just add it to my list.


Plan a Unit Study

Trello is a great for tool lesson planning or unit study planning.



Plan a Wedding (or any event)


Keep Track of Ideas


Meal Planning


Ingredents on Back of card



Organize Anything

I even organized my favorite fiction authors.


Vacation Planning


Scrapbook Planning

I use Trello for Project Life planning. 



Each “board”, or list, can be shared with anyone (or kept private). Then they can work with you on your board in real time, including leaving comments, adding cards, or sliding them around. I share this board with my daughter in Florida. I’m teaching her how to design scrapbook kits. (the spelling and grammar list is an ongoing joke because we are both dyslexic).



Add Trello Cards from  Gmail



Trello Phone App, iPad

Yes, there is an app for Trello. You can plan on your phone and everything you do is synced and saved instantly to Use the web site to stay organized while you’re at your desk, and the app to stay up to date while you’re out and about.


Learn More About Trello Here

Read Updates on Trello Development Board

How do you get organized?

Let me know in the comments.