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Free Bible Lapbook Game

This is a File Folder Game or a mini lapbook posted on my blog (posting here too so it won’t be missed). Everything you need to make this lapbook is available to download below.

A coloring page goes on the front of the folder. Inside is a game board and two pockets. One pocket is for game pieces, the other is for Bible memory verses.

I found this game board at and adapted it.

Game Cards with questions.

This is a Bible Trading Card from They are free to print out (you can also purchase them).

We are using all the cards in another lapbook dividing stories into the 12 Bible history eras. I’ll post directions when we complete it– if the comment reveal an interest.

This is meant to be the back of the card. I LOVE these cards! They really help the children get a grasp of when the story took place. Click here to learn more about the symbols.

Download the Lapbook Printables

  1. Coloring Page Cover
  2. Game board
  3. Game cards
  4. Pocket for game pieces
  5. Pocket for memory verses and Bible Trading Card
  6. Memory Verses
  7. Blank Cards (write your own verses)
  8. Bible Trading Card (external link)

To complete the game you need dice and game pieces. I used color form circles (trace around a penny and cut out). If the child lands on a positive number they go ahead that number of spaces. If they land on a negative number they go back that number of spaces.

Laminating Directions for Bible Trading Cards

I laminate the Bible Trading Cards because we are using them in another project plus it keeps the back and front together like a regular trading card.

Cut the cards out and tape front and back together with double sided tape in the middle. Run through the laminating machine using a 4×6″ laminating pouch. NOTE: Do not run the whole whole 8.5×11 sheet of card through the laminator — the front and back won’t stick when cut.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Do you have directions for this game, yet? I went to print it out then realized we wouldn’t know how to play! Thanks a bunch.