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Doodle Frame Photoshop Tutorial

I get a lot of emails asking how to photos in frames so here is a tutorial. This is in Photoshop but its the same basic steps in Photoshop Elements

1. Make a copy of your photo to work with. Do not work with the original.

2. Open the frame and the photo copy in Photoshop or PSE. Make sure both are rasterized.

2. Drag the frame onto the photo copy. Play witht the photo until you have lned it up how you want it to sit in the frame.

3. Select the Magic Wand tool

Here is the tricky part, and it not a big deal just pay attention.

4. Choose the frame layer in your layer pallet.

5. Use the magic wand to “select” the inside of the frame. You will get the marching ants (sorry I can show screen shot of marching ants).

6. Switch to the photo layer.

7. Under the SELECT menu click INVERSE.

8. Click delete. This will delete all parts of the photo outside of the frame. (If not,  be sure your photo is rasterized).

9. TaDa. Your photo is in the frame.

Select the frame layer to recolor or andd drop shadow and stroke. Add a paper behind the photo.

How to Recolor in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements


Click on frame set to view in the store or click here to see all. 




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