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Do You Save or Print Digital Scrapbook Pages?

Received these questions via email:

I’m just browsing through this and I have to wonder… What do you do with them after you create a digital page?  Do you save them in files on your computer? Do you print them?  If so, where do you print them?  Shutterfly?  How expensive are we talking to have it printed?  I’m thinking that printing them on my regular printer would be difficult and would use a ton of ink.

My Answer

90% of the time I just save all the digital pages on my computer and share on my blog and with family on Facebook.

We make the pages at 12×12 because this is the size of most templates. I save them as high resolution at 8×8 so one day I can print to make the boys 8×8  scrapbooks.

Ink gets cheaper every year and many printing places have specials. See 5 Ink Saving Strategies here

I save our personal family photo pages onto a digital frame. When my grandmother passed (was promoted) I wanted to have a nice 12×12 tribute so I used The cost is $1.99 per 12 x 12, and $0.99 per 8 x 8 (no minimum size order).

Soon after I received the email questions I received the Scrapgirls Newsletter (subscribe here)  that had this helpful information. Sending Layouts for Printing

You’ve created what seems like a million layouts, and while it’s fun to share them via email or online galleries, wouldn’t it be great to have them printed to place in scrapbooks or frame and display on the wall?

Fortunately, we are living in the digital age! Many great places have popped up which allow us to print our layouts and projects for a reasonable price. Most of the companies that offer this service have their own specifications on how they want your files sent to them.

Here are a few companies offering printing services:

If you are fortunate enough to have a Costco nearby, you can send in your layouts for printing online and then go pick them up sometimes in as little as an hour! (This will vary from store to store.) They offer both 8×8-inch and 12×12-inch scrapbook-sized prints. There is a shipping charge if you have them shipped to you, so you can save some money if you pick them up yourself.
12×12: $2.99
8×8: $1.49

Persnickety Prints
This company specializes in printing digital scrapbooking pages, so they are definitely worth checking out! They have an easy-to-navigate site which is a big plus.
12×12: $1.99
10×10: $1.89
8×8: $.99
8.5×11: $1.89
They also print all other popular photo sizes. They have a flat rate shipping of $5.00 per order, no matter how much you buy in the US and Canada, and an international flat rate of $10.00.

Shutterfly makes it easy by allowing you to simply upload your layout, drag and drop it onto their blank page layout, and then order. Their prices are higher, around $6.99 per page, but the prices go down the more you order.

Scrapbooks to Share
This site offers not only printing of your scrapbook pages, but duplication services, scanning, backup, and more. I personally have not ordered from them, but they offer a sample kit which includes your image printed on glossy or matte cardstock. You just pay the shipping, so that might be a good way to see the quality and turn-around time of your order. They require the plug-in, Microsoft Silver Light (free), and it does works with Apple Safari.
12×12: $1.50
8×8: $1.00

There are quite a few other companies that offer scrapbook page printing, so I would encourage you to ask around and see if anyone you know has ordered from them before you place an order.

With the holidays around the corner, wouldn’t this be a great gift idea for family and friends?!

Happy Printing!