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Color Combo Challenge #225

Here the lady in the photo clearly does not worry about what she wears. This brought to my mind the Bible passage in Matthew about not worrying about what we wear. We should not worry about what we wear- the flowers don’t worry and look at them!

So I used the “Freeze Frame” challenge to frame the passage from Matthew in a notebook with flowers and papers in the colors from this challenge. Fun!

Don’t Worry About What You Wear!

Papers from Rosey Peach Paper Pack

Come over and join the challenge. There is plenty of time left. Use these colors to make a layout by 4/14/12 or a card in the weeks after.


  1. Wow, you are fast!!
    Your page is looking gorgeous! What a clever idea you had!!-And you used the colours beautifully!! Thanks for sharing your work with us at Color Combos, and good luck to you!

  2. mmmm, love that you got inspired by that idea and did something so beautiful with it! Loving the digital work, the open journal and lovely flowers! I am especially in love with the rosette flower center on daisy in the bottom right. so cute!!! want!

  3. Thanks for the reminders. I find my “subjects” don’t sit still long enuogh to get really good shots, how about some ideas (short of super glue) to get better on the move shots or make me look slimmer? Just love your blog and all of the inspiration!

  4. God, I feel like I should be takin notes! Great work

  5. Good points all around. Truly appreciated.