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Blog Giveaway: Win Three to Ten Paper Packs!

I love to create paper packs. Combining color and patterns is very relaxing and one of my favorite ways to spend an evening.

List Your Fav 3 in the Comments:
Three will Win Three to Ten Paper Packs

List Three to be One of Three Winners. One person will win all 10 packs below and two people will win three packs.  To enter, just tell me which is your  favorite THREE color combos (or pattern combos) in the comments to enter. List #1. title, #2. title, #3. title. with any comment tat will help me know wheat you like.  I’ll draw three winners on October 30th.

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  1. My faves are:

    #1 Cynthia – Unique!

    #2 Springtime – I could do LOTS with these!

    #3 Lemon Pretty – Love the patterns!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I love them all!! But I think my favorites would be:
    #1 – Samantha – Reminds me of the fabrics in one of my favorite quilts my grandmother made 60 years ago…
    #2 – Springtime – Fresh, so many ways to use this pack!! Reminds me of plisse and seersucker fabrics I enjoy sewing with.
    #3 – Plum Pretty – Something about the mix of vibrant lavender and lemon that grabs me. Love the assortment of patterns!
    Thank you!

  3. Kathryn Valley

    Plum Pretty

    These 3 are very nice! You do a great job!

  4. jennifer

    samantha – reminds me of when took quilting lessons.

    lemon pretty – i like the classic aspect

    springtime – i like the happy go lucky colors and vibe

  5. My List

    #1. Samanta, (lots of girls in our family)
    #2. Belinda Rose (love the prints on there)
    #3. Spring Time (more pretty prints and florals)

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    woohoo pick me, pick me!!! LOL

    All of the sets are beautigul and I would use many times.

  6. and last I posted on my FB many thanks again for chances to win.

    PICK ME (giggles)

  7. #1 Belinda Rose for sweet floral pattern, colour, vintage-like motif, texture, a hint of pink
    #2 Roseberry – floral, sweet colour
    #3 Springtime – floral, sweet colour

  8. #1 Cyntia
    #2 Roseberry
    #3 Cherrylicious

    actually, all three would fit into 1st place 🙂

  9. Red and Teal

    They’re all so pretty, it was hard to pick!

  10. kerry santillo

    thanks so much, these would be very welcomed here ♥♥♥
    my three favourites are.
    plum pretty ♥♥

  11. hard choice…
    1: cherrylicious
    2: lemon pretty
    3: red and teal

  12. Its a hard choice, but my three favorites are Samantha, Livin Pretty, Springtime

  13. #1 Cherryliscious
    #2 Roseberry
    #3 Springtime
    Lovely, but I adore them all! Oh and Red & Teal is so special too.
    I love digital scrapbooking paper, I use it as wallpaper for my dollhouses, dioramas and love to craft small bags with them, girft wrapping, cute tags…

  14. hana clay

    #1. Roseberry : i love flower pattern,so sweet ^^
    #2. Belinda Rose : rose pattern always be the best, sweet and classic
    #3. Springtime : i would use for my holiday photo
    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  15. #1 Lemon Pretty
    #2 Springtime
    #3 Belinda Rose

  16. #1 Pinorange
    #2 Plum Pretty
    #3 Lemon Pretty

  17. 1-Samantha

    These colors are soo me!

  18. #1 Pinorange
    #2 Plum Pretty
    #3 spring time

  19. Love them all!

    1. Springtime
    2. Belinda Rose
    3. Roseberry

    What can I say, I love flowers! Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. I love:
    Pin orange

    Really, I love them all….it’s so hard to choose just three!

  21. Ines from Argentina

    Hi !!!!!!!! Thanks for giving us the chance to win this kits. They are all beautiful !!!!!!!! It’s so difficult !!!!!!!!!! The patterns are really beautiful and the colors too !!!!!!!!

    #1 Springtime – In Argentina is springtime. So, I could use this kit right now. I LOVE FLOWERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #2 Belinda Rose – Roses !!!!!!!!!!! I love that combination between pink and green.

    #3 Lemon Pretty – It’s so fresh !!!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Stacy Dotson

    These are gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    My favorites are
    1. Lemon Pretty
    2. Springtime
    3. Roseberry

    Too bad it’s almost winter now, these make me think of springtime!

  23. Stacy Dotson

    I shared on facebook too!

  24. #1. Lemon Pretty
    #2. Belinda Rose
    #3. Spring Time

  25. #1. Plum Pretty, #2. Lemon Pretty, #3. Cynthia

    Love the bright, poppy colors!

  26. #1 – Lemon Pretty
    #2 – Samantha
    #3 – Belinda Rose

    Thank you very much!!!

  27. Such beautiful papers. I want them all. lol

    1.Plum Pretty is my most favoritest
    2.Belinda Rose


  28. Marianne Tierney

    Belinda rose
    Plum pretty

  29. Marianne Tierney

    Lemon pretty
    Plum pretty

  30. Marta Smyk

    #1. Lemon Pretty
    #2. Belinda Rose
    #3. Roseberry

    Just LOVE these ones!

  31. My favorites are:

    1 – Pinorange….(‘orange you glad )

    2 – Lemon pretty….(very sweet to look at!)

    3 – Plum pretty…( purple prints, so playful )