W12 Exodus Lesson: The Call of Moses

Exodus Lesson: The Call of Moses

Step 1: Excite

Moses was in Midian for forty years. He married and had children. He was shepherding sheep when God called him. Moses had several excuses why he couldn’t do what God asked.

Brainstorm and Discuss: If God ever asked you to do something that seemed very hard what would you do? Would you tell God you can’t do it? Read Philippians 4:13.

Step 2: Examine

Read about the call of Moses in Exodus:

  • God takes knowledge of Israel’s sad plight (2:23-25)
  • God calls Moses at a burning bush (3:1-4:17)
  • Moses agrees to go back to Egypt (4:18-26)
  • The Hebrews believe Moses and accept his leadership (4:27-31)

Step 3: Expand

Complete at least 1 activity.

  • Activity 1. Write Summaries.
    Write a paragraph summery for each of four Bible passage listed in Step 2.
  • Activity 2. Answer Questions
  1. What mountain did Moses meet God on?
  2. What did God tell Moses to take off?
  3. How many signs did God give Moses? What were they?
  4. What did God tell Moses to do?
  5. What was Moses response?
  6. What does Philippians 4:13 say?
  7. How did God answer when Moses asked him his name?
  8. What did God promise Moses?
  9. Who did Moses go to when he left the mountain? What did he say?
  • Activity 3 Make a Call of Moses and Moses Objects Booklets
    Download  the Call of Moses booklet. The booklet is divided into 8 pages. There are Bible passages on each page. Write bullet notes about the passages on each page. Hint: Answer who, what, when, where, why and how.
    Download the Moses Objects booklet. There are Bible passages on each page. Write the answers to Moses objections on each page using the verses listed.

Step 4

  • ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct punctuation and spelling.
    ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct and effective use of grammar.
    ❒ Add to your Writing Notebook the rules for all punctuation and grammar errors you corrected.
    ❒ Record any misspelled words in your spelling notebook.
    ❒ Add to your Vocabulary Notebook any new words encountered in this lesson. Include a definition
    for each word. Use each vocabulary term in a sentence orally or in writing.
    ❒ Add corrected written work or any illustrations to your Portfolio.
    ❒ Add any important people or events to your Time Line Book.
    ❒ Share with a friend or family member an activity you completed for this lesson. Explain to them what you have learned.