W6 Patriarch Lesson: Isaac & Ishmael

Patriarch Lesson: Genesis 16, 17 & 21

Step 1: Excite

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Brainstorm and discuss: Have you ever asked God for something and not received an answer? Have you ever had something promised to you and then got weary of waiting for it?
Did you know that decision you make today can not only affect you now but also years from now and quite possibly affect your children? How can a decision you make today affect several generations?
In this lesson you will read about:
  • Sarah and Hagar Gen 16
  • Birth of Ishmael Gen 16
  • New Names Gen 17:1-19
  • Ishmael Circumcision Gen 17:23-27
  • Birth of Isaac Gen 21:1-7
  • The Expulsion of Ishmael Gen. 21:8-21

Step 2: Examine

The Arabs and the Israelis have been fighting for4,000 years over the land  called Israel. This conflict started with a decision made by Sarah.

God promised Abraham and Sarah a child.  Sarah at age 90, tired of waiting for a child made a decision. Her decision effects the world today. She  requested Abraham to take Hagar as concubine, so that she might adopt her children. He took Hagar and had a son Ishmael.
The descendants of Ishmael became the Arab people. From Ishmael’s line sprung a man, Muhammad (570-632), who initially founded the Islam religion. The Qur’an (Islam’s holy book)  views Ishmael as an Islamic prophet. Islam denies the deity of Christ, incarnation, atonement, the crucifixion and the question of God as Father, Son and Spirit.

Research the story of Genesis 16, 17,  and 21 in at least one of the following:

Step 3: Expand

Complete at least 1 activity.

  • Activity 1. Answer Questions:
    How old was Abraham when Ishmael was born? (Gen 16:15-16)
    Did Sarah mistreat Hagar (Gen 16-5-6)
  • What did the angel tell Hagar? (Gen 16:7-14)
    What did the heavenly visitors say? (Gen 18:1-8)
    How did Sarah react? (Gen 18:9-10)
    How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?
    What was celebrated in Gen 21:8?
    What did Ismael do to Isaac? (Gen 21:9)
    Who banished Hagar and Ishmael? Why?(Gen 21:10-11)
    What happened to Ishmael and Hagar in the desert?(gen 21:17-21, 25:12-18)
  • Activity 2. Do Research.
    Find out about the growth of Islam in the United Stated in last ten years.
  • Activity 3. Outline
    Outline Genesis 16
  • Activity 5. Make a Booklet
    Follow directions in the printable.

More Patriarch Booklets

Step 4

  • ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct punctuation and spelling.
    ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct and effective use of grammar.
    ❒ Add to your Writing Notebook the rules for all punctuation and grammar errors you corrected.
    ❒ Record any misspelled words in your spelling notebook.
    ❒ Add to your Vocabulary Notebook any new words encountered in this lesson. Include a definition
    for each word. Use each vocabulary term in a sentence orally or in writing.
    ❒ Add corrected written work or any illustrations to your Portfolio.
    ❒ Add any important people or events to your Time Line Book.
    ❒ Share with a friend or family member an activity you completed for this lesson. Explain to them what you have learned.

Note from Robin

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