W8 Patriarch Lesson: Jacob & Esau: Birthright and Blessings

Patriarch Lesson: Genesis 25-27

Step 1: Excite

In this lesson you will be reading Genesis 25-27 the stories include:

  • Isaac and Rebekah have Twins
  • Esau sells his birthright
  • Isaac Blesses Jacob

Listen for the following points in theses stories:

  • Similarities between Abraham and Issac.
  • Differences between Esau and Jacob.
  • What Esau treasured.

Step 2: Examine

Research the story of Genesis 29-31 in at least one of the following:

Step 3: Expand

Complete at least 1 activity.

  • Activity 1. Answer questions
    1. The lentil soup was important in this story. Where else in the Bible is food a temptation?
    2. How did Jacob deceive his father?
    3. Who helped Jacob trick Isaac? Why?
    4. Why was Isaac fooled?
    5. What did Esau do when he found out his inheritance was stolen?
    6. What did Rebekah tell Jacob to do?
  • Activity 2. Make a List
    Make a list of how Isaac was like his father Abraham (refer to Be Authentic chapter 1).
  • Activity 3. Outline
    Outline Genesis 25-31
  • Activity 4. Make  Booklets
    Twins Birth Announcement
    Esau Sells His Birthright
    Jacob Receives the Blessing

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Step 4

  • ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct punctuation and spelling.
    ❒ Correct all written work to demonstrate correct and effective use of grammar.
    ❒ Add to your Writing Notebook the rules for all punctuation and grammar errors you corrected.
    ❒ Record any misspelled words in your spelling notebook.
    ❒ Add to your Vocabulary Notebook any new words encountered in this lesson. Include a definition
    for each word. Use each vocabulary term in a sentence orally or in writing.
    ❒ Add corrected written work or any illustrations to your Portfolio.
    ❒ Add any important people or events to your Time Line Book.
    ❒ Share with a friend or family member an activity you completed for this lesson. Explain to them what you have learned.