W6 Lesson Plans & Printables

Bible Theme: The Patriarchs
History Theme: Ancient Egypt
Bible Resources: God’s Great Covenant (K-3),  Be Obedient (4-12)HOW Bible Lessons
History Resources: Ancient History: Adam to Messiah or Ancient Egypt Unit Study

Week 6 Lesson Plans

Updates 10/10/10: Heart of Wisdom Day by Day Lesson Plans Week 6 (5 p PDF)

See Months 1 & 2 Overviews Here

Online Lessons

These lessons are not in your books.

Patriarch Lapbook Booklets

Genesis 12: God Calls Abram

Genesis 12: God Promises to Abraham

Genesis 13: Abram and Lot Separate

Genesis 14: Abram Rescues Lot

Genesis 16: Hagar and Ishmael

Genesis 17: Abram’s & Sarai’s Names

Download the Printables


Bible Literature

During Heart of Wisdom Lesson Plans Weeks 1-5 we read Ruth Beechcik’s book Adam and His Kin

In Week 6 we start a new book “The Patriarch.” You can download the free audio and ebook from or purchase them from http://www.biblenovels.com

Bible Commentary

During Heart of Wisdom Lesson Plans Weeks 1-5 we read Be Basic (Gen 1-11) by Warren Wiersbe. In Week 6 we begin Be Obedient (Gen 12-25) -by Warren Wiersbe.

History Literature
In Week 6 we start Ancient Egypt unit. We will be using Myra: daughter of the Nile as our read aloud.

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  1. Von says:

    Thank you so much for all you do!! The weekly lesson plans are such a great help!

  2. Von says:

    have you seen this site: http://www.ebibleteacher.com/children/? There are trading cards, games, lessons – for free download or to purchase. I especially like the trading cards and games that would go with your bible lessons.

  3. Sharon Sue says:

    When printing out the lesson plans on the pdf how do I enlarge the print so that it prints out larger and I can read it easier? Sorry if this is a simple fix that I should be able to do but I have tried to figure it out on my own and just can’t get it. Thanks for all you are doing.

  4. Robin Sampson says:

    Sharon Sue,

    Are you opening the PDF file? Don’t try to print the image. Click on the link and an 8.5×11 pages opens.

  5. Sharon Sue says:

    Yes, I opened in PDF to print and printed 8.5 x 11, but it is still rather small, doesn’t take up more than half the page. Thanks for your help

    • Robin Sampson says:

      Thanks for letting me know about the lesson plans being smaller. I found the problem and fixed it. There are things like this that I will miss and can’t correct if I don’t know about it so I really appreciate your help.


  6. Michelle says:

    Thanks for all these wonderful activities to make the bible come alive for my young ones! I have been trying to get to the Hagar and Ishmael pdf, but the links don’t seem to be working. Is it possible to post a corrected link? Thanks!

  7. TBeth says:

    Where do I find the HOW Patriarchs unit? I’ve been buying each unit individually, but don’t see this one available. Am I looking in the wrong place in the store? Or do I have to purchase the whole AtoM eBook now after purchasing several individually? Bummer.

    I do see three of the lessons available online with Lesson 6, but then we’re still missing a few.

    Advice? Recommendations?

    Thanks so much — I love that my daughter is chomping at the bit to get the new lessons!

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Robin – Following up on Sharon Sue’s comment, the day by day PDF’s for this week are smaller in font size than previous weeks. I know you’re super busy, so this doesn’t need to be a priority thing, but maybe something to check out in the future.
    Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf!!

  9. Sharon Sue says:

    Thank you, you are so diligent and helpful. I greatly appreciate all you are doing for us.

  10. Cherie says:

    whenever i click on this link it takes me to another how site, but does not bring up the lapbook…???


  11. Cherie says:

    Hi we have been reading The Patriarch via the above link, but now cannot seem to “open” it.
    Any ideas?


  12. Robin Sampson says:

    Mine opened fine. Maybe you need to update Acrobat?

  13. lisa says:

    Heart of Wisdom is a huge blessing to us. We have been reading your materials for years, and are relying on your day by day lesson plans now for our homeschool. This has enabled us to continue homeschooling, since we can no longer afford to buy lots of workbooks and textbooks.
    Please continue! Thank you!!! We pray many blessings upon you.

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  15. ingrid rengifo says:

    I see you have changed the site a bit. I still cannot print anything from week 6.

    If any one can help, I would appreciate it. It would be a bummer to not be able to finish our Genesis lapbook.

    • admin says:

      Yes, sorry. Hundreds of links were broken when we changed servers. I’m working on it now. Thanks for your prayers and patience.

  16. Vicky says:

    The pdf printable of the lesson plan for monday does not match the one on the webpage. The lesson ‘Father Abraham’ comes out as ‘the call of abraham’.
    Just thought I should let you know, as the printout repeats the lesson from week 4.