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This week we will be busy at our church with Outrigger Island Vacation Bible School . I’m teaching first grade. Based on Psalm 86:11, the goal of this tropical adventure theme is to help kids develop faith in God and His Word.

Here are my boys singing about being unshakable in a world of shifting sands.

Just in case you can’t pick them out here are David and Christopher.

VBS Motto:

Know the Truth!
Speak the Truth!
Live the Truth!

Keeping with the island theme I posted about sailing on the HOW Blog. See “Allowing God to Chart Your Course

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  1. I was a VBS hopper last week. I took my 7yos to a different church’s VBS because he has to miss ours for Cub Scout camp. That church was doing Outrigger Island and he LOVED it. What fun!

    SmallWorld Reads’s last blog post..Sunday Salon: Family Reading

  2. amydeanne says:

    oh that looks like it would be alot of fun!!!

    amydeanne’s last blog post..Tackle it Tuesday – the living room

  3. annaliza says:

    aww! that’s the best sound ever: kids singing praise to our Savior!

    annaliza’s last blog post..Tackle It Tuesday: Pack it the Heck UP!

  4. Veronica from MS. says:

    My daughter attended our VBS here and they did Outrigger Island as well. There is a song they sang called “The Word”. Do you have any idea who the artist is who sings that song and where it can be purchased from? I’ve checked all over the internet with no luck. Thanks so much.

  5. Traci Ferrell says:

    I was wondering if you had any of the Outrigger Island Learner cards left. Our church is doing this theme this year and we have got a bunch of material from other churches, we stil need learner cards

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