We Have Too Much Stuff

I  have the urge to purge. I’ve made several trips to Goodwill this week and I’m taking several large boxes there today. “We have too much stuff!”

I ran across this site The Story of Stuff. Please note I am not an environmentalist (we are dittoheads). But this site made some very interesting points about stuff we deal with daily.

Take a look at the 20-minute look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. It just may change the way you look at all the stuff you have and make you think twice before buying more you don’t need, and it may even give you the urge to purge.

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  1. Dana says:

    Very interesting video.

    We’ve been MAJORLY cutting down on our consumerism/consumption. We’ve donated FOUR TRUCKS of stuff to the local animal rescue for their annual garage sale fundraiser. FOUR TRUCKS! And still more to go!

    I now have four dresses, four pairs of shoes, a drawer of socks and undies, and 3 nightgowns. That’s about it. My girls have 3 or 4 “good” dresses, and 3 or 4 “play” dresses. They have about 3 nightgowns each, socks, and undies, and a few pairs of shoes. That’s it. I’m so tired of having all the JUNK toys that never get played with too. I weeded out all the junk and they now have a few quality toys, plus art supplies, and baby dolls.

    Now if I can only get the grandparents on board….


    Dana’s last blog post..Ahoy, Matey!

  2. Mrs. Bick says:

    I tell you the time you really realize how much stuf you have is when either you have to constantly put it away, or it sits around as clutter… or when you are packing to move.

    We are facing that reality, the packing reality, and I am already starting to sort through our abundance of stuff. Our wealth of things. I will be taking a long, hard look at things before wrapping and packing those things into a box that we will pay to move.

    Thanks for sharing The Story of Stuff.

    Mrs. Bick’s last blog post..The Story of Stuff

  3. Marty Bible says:

    Well met!!!!!!!!!!

    (Please forgive me as I use the apostle Paul for a model here, speaking in terms of me, myself, and I.) I used to be a champion for creation, used to make from scratch, reuse, and recycle, used to stand up for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. Somewhere along the way, much of that changed and I wimped out, became selfish, and started taking the path of least resistance. Wow Robin, thank you for the wake up call! Being the natural, earthly, fleshly person that I am has to change. Even though I am not alone in this battle (and it is of the flesh) it can only begin with me, as I am the only one I can truly point a finger at.

    Thanks be to our heavenly Father for His amazing grace and patience with each of us in this battle, which isn’t against flesh and blood!

    In His love and mercy,

    Marty Bible’s last blog post..Dana Bailey replied to the discussion A Prayer For Our Husbands

  4. Stephanie says:

    We are experiencing the same thing. We just moved to a place that has very little storage. I have boxes of stuff, and I thought that I was a minimalist! We have been here for 4 months, and I figure if I can live without the stuff still in boxes for this long, it needs to go! I plan on a huge yard sale, and the rest will be donated and given away!

  5. Jill says:


    Thanks for commenting on my WFMW post: I love checking out new blogs…and you have some great info. But my real intent is to say WOW…The Story of Stuff is GREAT.

    (I’m addicted to Freecycle and love garage sales.)

    I wish I could make everyone sit down for 20 minutes to watch. But there is a difference between making someone say “WOW” and actually remembering an hour later. So I’ll start with my daughter. I day dream about what the world will be like when she’s my age and it scares me. I figure the best way I can prepare her for an uncertain future is to set a good example.

    It’s easy right now….I’m too poor to buy much! The challenge will be to keep it that way has (hopefully!) our income increases. But then…I’ve never been one for name brands and the latest greatest!

    Thanks again…I’m adding your blog to my Google Reader.


    Jill’s last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday

  6. decorative shelves…

    Interestingly, this was on CNN last week….

  7. "We Have Too Much Stuff!!" : I have the urge to purge http://ow.ly/QMne

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