Teddy Bear Puppy Photos

Our Shichon puppies are growing so fast. They are six months old.



After a rain they found a mud puddle.

Ahhh Mom, Plllease

They love the pool.

Clean again after a bath

Nity Night

About Shichons

Shichon (pronounced She Sean) Shichons are  a Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise mix. The mix is also known as Teddy Bears, Zuchons, Shishchons, Shih Chons. There best known for melting into your chest. Both puppies are  mothers are Bichon Frise  and both fathers are Shih Tzu.

For all who prue breed folk that get upset about half breeds – lighten up. All dogs are mixes! ShihTzu’s started as a mix Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese.

We love our little half breeds. They have the good qualities and characteristics of both their pure-bred parents, and they’re unique.

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Homeschool mom to 11, Marmee to 14 and author.

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  1. Lisa Arndt says:

    Darling puppies! Thanks for sharing these photos Robin.

  2. P* says:

    Awww…LOVE them! We also have a half-breed. Our Sheba (8 yrs. old) is a Schnoodle (Min. Schnauzer/Toy Poodle) & has lots of character, to say the least.:o)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Teddy Bear Puppy Photos (Shichons) : Heart at Home http://bit.ly/YdEZY

  4. RT @heartofwisdom: Teddy Bear Puppy Photos (Shichons) : Heart at Home http://bit.ly/YdEZY –>awww

  5. Robin says:


    I want to see pictures. Have a link? Sounds cute!

  6. Teddy Bear Puppy Photos- Our Shichon puppies six months old. http://bit.ly/YdEZY

  7. @MamaCapps We have Shichons also known as Teddy Bear Puppy http://bit.ly/YdEZY

  8. Lori says:

    SO cute! I have a 2YO Bichon + Havanese mix who looks quite similar. Sweet breeds indeed.

  9. Regina says:

    Awwwwww <3

  10. @Bre_Sue What a cute dog. She looks just like my neighbor’s hot dog Mini. Our shichons http://bit.ly/YdEZY

  11. David Welch says:

    I’m looking for recommendations on breeders of Shichons. Have any recommendations?

    I live in San Diego, so I guess I’d have to have one shipped if I can’t find one locally.



  12. @FreedomRing Your dog looks sooo much like mine – without the sunglasses. 🙂 http://bit.ly/1fVaVG

  13. @momgoose05 Shichons a Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise mix. http://ow.ly/JJ3G

  14. Sam Anderson says:

    I have a shichon teddy bear, her name is Yogi May and she is 3 years old, pure white with just a touch of color on tip of one ear. She is a joy and she talks to us! Her funny traits,overbite and being a head cocker!

  15. Cold outsie. I'm blogging with a Snuggly and my Teddy Bear Puppies in my lap http://ow.ly/QUk1

  16. P* says:

    Ooops! Followed your link from FB and just noticed that you asked to see a pic of our Schnoodle, Sheba. I’ll tag you in one of her many photos on my FB page. She’s a trip!

  17. @sarabonds Here's my 2 babies http://ow.ly/18HgI and new twin kids http://ow.ly/18Hi0

  18. I love this dog because I have one such as yours. Enjoy them!

  19. fitness girl says:

    So cuddly cute dogs..i can hug them all day.

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