Tackling a Stuffed Closet

A stuffed closet is mentally draining.  The clutter of  clothes that do not look good on you or or don’t fit will only cause frustration.

Getting dressed in the morning sets the tone for the entire day. If your closet is a  perpetual state of disorder you start out each day irritated.

I bought these ultra thin ULTRA-SLIM VELVET SHIRT HANGERS five years ago and I LOVE  them. Available at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond but Amazon has the best 10 for $7.

I recently orderd more for my boy’s closets.  My boys are terrible about throwing clothes on the floor from the drawers– my solution–hang all the pants and shirts on hangers. With pant hangers they can peek at the jean size without taking the jeans off the hanger (they used to pull out all the jeans from the drawers.)


  • Sort clothing and shoes into piles or containers
  1. Garbage
  2. Give Away (Good Will or Salvation Army)
  3. Garage sale or Ebay
  4. Need repair
  5. Laundry
  • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. Be ruthless. It doesn’t matter that you used to look great in it. Don’t kid yourself that you might be able to squeeze into it one day.  If you haven’t been able to get into it for 9-12 months, give it to someone who can use it. Besides clothing that is too small scream “You are fat!” every time open your closet. Who needs that?
  • Get rid of clothes that still have price tags . If you have something price tags six month later you made a bad purchase.  Have a garage sale. give it away or Ebay it. See  Selling Clothing on Ebay FAQ
  • Store away seasonal clothing. If you fit all your items in your closet rotate the season items to the easiest to get to place. If not store out of season items seasonal items in another closet or boxes .
  • Dust or clean shelves. Wipe rods. Sweep or vacuum the floor.
  • http://heartofwisdom.com/images/blog/220hangers.jpgUse matching hangers. Put back all the clothes you have decided to keep on a plastic or padded hanger.  I recommend Ultra -Slim Huggable Hangers.
  • Put like items together. I have mine sorted like this: All pants on lower rod, all shirts on upper rod sorted by color then sleeve length. Hangers should be able to move from side to side freely, if they are jammed you need to get rid of more.
  • Store shoes. Shoes should go on a rack or in containers.
  • Prevention: Keep a “Give Away Box” in you closet and children’s closet to store outgrown clothes.

Here is a video that may inspire you from MomGenerations:

How about you? Any closet tips?

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  1. That’s an awesome tackle!!

  2. @heartofwisdom RT Steps to Tackling a Cluttered Closet. Post w steps and video http://budurl.com/closet

  3. Steps to Tackling a Cluttered Closet. Post w steps and video http://budurl.com/closet

  4. Kathryn says:

    There are some great tips here. I hadn’t really thought about the matching hangers thing – but I bet it does make the whole closet feel better – like good curtains or a great lamp.

  5. Angela says:

    I turned all the hangers in the closet backwards. When we wear something, we put the hanger back the right way. After the predetermined amount of time, whatever is still on backwards hangers goes to a new home. Great tackle!

  6. Amazon has Huggable Ultra Slim Hangers 10 for $7 (love mine) See Tackling Stuffed Closet http://bit.ly/zF8yH

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