Super Quick & Healthy Tuna and Avocado Lunch

This lunch is faster and easier than a salad or sandwich with the health benefits of tuna and avocado.

.I’ve been trying to get more fish in our diet and found Bumble Bee Tuna Sensations Sundried Tomato and Basil flavor at Walmart. It very convenient pull top, just dump and eat.

I serve the tuna in half an avocado less than $2.00 lunch.  Much less than any fast food and very healthy. Unfortunately the crackers that come with the tuna are Ritz type. I’d prefer a wholegrain cracker.

Even Better

Make this more economical and healthier by using making your own Sundried Tomato and Basil tuna and add wholewheat crackers. Apples and tomatoes are also great with this lunch.

Ehow.com list several important benefits of tuna:

5 Health Benefits of Tuna

  1. Tuna, like other fish, is full of omega-3 fatty acids. These help to eliminate erratic heart beats, and that lowers the risk of blood clots and heart attacks.
  2. Triglycerides are a type of fat that–when present in great amounts–contributes to high cholesterol. Eating tuna lowers the triglyceride content in a person to normal, healthy amounts.
  3. Since eating tuna helps prevent blood clots and also improves blood flow, it can help prevent strokes. Eating only 1 to 3 servings a month is enough to lower the risk of stroke in a person.
  4. The omega-3 count in tuna is greatly beneficial to skin care. It helps to reduce inflammation, which helps reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.
  5. Tuna is a good source of selenium as well as omega-3. This is important in liver health, which helps to promote detoxification of the body.

Healthmad list the most well-known health benefits of avocado for both adults and kids.

11 Health Benefits of the Avocado

  1. AvacadoIt protects cholesterol related heart diseases. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. It is used both in prevention and treatment of prostate and breast cancers. Scientists have proved that a toxin in avocado kills the cancer cells. So-called toxin has a great effect on the tissues, particularly heart muscle tissues.
  3. Avocado includes necessary minerals like potassium, calcium, vitamin C and K, folic acid, copper, sodium and dietary fibers. These are used to provide the mineral necessity of the body. People who live in hot climates have great mineral and water loss. So, avocado is suggested strongly by the medicals.
  4. Oleic acid in avocado can be used to lower cholesterol level in the blood.
  5. Potassium in avocado regulates pressure of blood.
  6. Sodium reduces the risk of high blood pressure and stoke.
  7. It improves the ability of the body to absorb carotenoids.
  8. Avocado is used to help people who have sexual problems.
  9. It is a good antioxidant.
  10. It can be used in the treatment of skin disorders.
  11. It is used to heal people who suffer from digestive and circulatory problems.

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