Save with Coupons and Help Others

Grocery store prices are rising! Victoria (my third daughter) has been motivating me take advantage of the online grocery coupons. She calls to  report her outrageous coupons savings.

If you don’t have a daughter calling you, watch this video to see how you reap the savings  of couponing. Barbra Franklin saves for her family and a food pantry for her community


Visit Coupon Junkies at the Homeschool Lounge- A place for members to share coupon codes, online codes, promotional codes, shopping discounts, free-bates, rebates, and free offers.

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  1. KittyJo says:

    Thank you so much! This was really helpful. I’m definitely going to be looking into this more! My mom used to use coupons years ago, but I never saw the savings like these ladies do. Love the blog! I’ll be back… I always endjoy reading other Christians’ blogs.
    ~Be Blessed!!!~

    KittyJo’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen

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