PH Balance Green Smoothie

I’m currently on a 21 Day Daniel Fast choosing plant based foods that are mostly alkaline. A regular Green Smoothie has 60% fruit. This smoothie has mostly vegetables making it more alkaline.

When you get plenty of greens on a daily basis, you’re able to better maintain a good alkaline pH balance.

Limey Love Shake Recipe

This recipe and video is from PHMiracleLiving.com

  • 3 Limes
  • Baby Spinach
  • Mache Greens
  • Butter leaf lettuce or Romaine
  • Half and Avocado
  • English cucumber
  • Ice cubes
  • Raw green stevia

When I’m out of avocados I use a banana instead.

Read more about Eating God’s Way Facebook Group, Daniel Fast and PH Balance here.

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