No Papers Hexagon Tutorial

If you are wondering why there is an explosion of hexagon quilts its because they are totally addicting. The cuteness sucks you in, you try just one, then BAM! You are forever addicted. Your family will never see you watch TV with an empty lap again. Every car trip will include a sewing basket. You actually look forward to waiting in waiting rooms!
I’ve tried several way to make hexes. I do not care for the traditional English Paper piecing methods (gluing or basting paper templates). I also hate cutting and love my die cutter. So I came up with a  No-Paper Hexie method that works best for me. Here it is Step-by step.

Step 1: Cut Fabric into Hexagon Shapes

I use a 1.25 Sizzix Big Shot die below, Accuquilt also has a hexagon die.



Step 2: Mark the Seam Lines

I was using a cardboard template with holes in the seam lines (see below) but then I tried the ARDCO Hexagon Window Metal Template. It is so much faster

Mark your hexagon seam lines with the template with Sewline Styla (or any marker that will wash out). Mechanical pencils work great.


If you do not have the metal template you can make a cardboard one and punch holes in the connecting seams.


cut-mar-hexagon-template hole_punch-hexagon-template hexagon_tut_mark_lines

It’s twice as fast to mark seam lines on hexes with the metal template and super for marking fussy cuts! I purchased the 1″ metal template for the 1.25″ die cut fabric. Fits perfect and will not slide. I ordered mine over the phone from ARDCO (757)553-8689.

Step 3: Stitch Hexes with a Running Stitch

Take a stitch beginning at the intersection. Back stitch Take a running stitch to the other side. Back stitch.
The running stitch is faster and easier than a whip stitch and doesn’t show threads on the front. Yu can also machine sew just remember to start and stop at the 1/4 inch mark (I usually machine piece but small hexes are almost as fast by hand because you need machine leaders and enders.)


Back side


Here is a video showing Linda from Inklingo using the running stitch (You can also see her method for marking fabric using the computer ink printer). I like Inklingo is a neat system. But I like my die cutter more.

Helpful Hexies Tips

Prefer the paper method? Bee in My Bonnet has a great tutorial for those who like using the papers in hexagons.

This is my sewing basket. The entire top is a pin cushion. I carry all my hexes, scissors, etc. inside to take to waiting rooms or in the car sewing.


I can use the top to pin my hexes layout. It also holds my needle when I have to add pieces to the hexies.


I just love cutting fabric with a die cutter.



Die Cutting Tips

I bought a 50 cent paper holder at a thrift store to hold my dies.

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Click here for comparison of die cutters

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