Organizing Quilt Die Cutters & Tips

I’m using a Sizzix Big Shot to cut fabric for quilting. As my die library has grown I needed a store solution. Accuquilt offers a wire die holder in a few sizes from $23 to $35. I picked up a few letters holders at  thrift store for 50 cents each. As your die addiction supply grows you can add more letter holders.

If I could do it over, I would have gotten all the same size. The frugal side of me overrides the OCD side of not buying matching letter holders at full price. But if I see another one for 50 cents at thrift store I will splurge.

The one below works well. Mine are pushed together on the back of my cutting table.


I hate the die packaging, so I cut off the image label and taped it to the actual die with clear packing tape.


It is very helpful to see the die cutting line, especially when placing scraps of fabric. Simply trace the cutting lines with a  silver sharpie.



How do you store your dies?


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