Miniature Horse Driving School

Two weeks ago my miniature horses started driving school. Today my sons and I began our training. The trainer, Dale, put his horse, Smurf (the black horse), with Comanche for awhile and then Toby. We rode like the wind! I had a blast. It was even better than riding for me.

Here is a video of my first solo with Toby (the child’s voice in the background is my grandson, Jordan, telling us to go faster).


My son, Danny, and Dale the trainer.

Jordan, Danny’s son.

Christopher and David with Dale

Smurf and Comanche. Comanche is too small to drive with Smurf, but eventually I’ll drive Toby and Comanche together (they are the same size). Dale said they’ll make a cute team.

Smurf in his work harness. It will take me a few lessons to learn how to strap and buckle this getup.

For information about driving lessons, training, equipment and horses for sale contact the Dale Alexander at (931) 732-4502

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  1. Kathleen says:

    You look like you are having the time of your life! It is so good to see you out and about and enjoying life. Love, Kathleen

  2. P* says:

    PTL!!! What a JOY it is to see you having so much fun, Robin!!:o) The horses are adorable!

    Thanks for sharing…


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  5. So good to see you people enjoying your time with the adorable hoses. 🙂

  6. Hethir says:

    So cute! Those pictures made my day!

  7. the driving schools in our area are quite good in giving basic driving lessons-;-

  8. Carter says:

    I ran across your website on google and check several of the earlier discussions. Keep up the excellent perform. Trying to find forward to studying more within you afterwards!.

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