Meal Planning: Save Time and Money

Meal planning isn’t necessarily easy, but it worth the effort–you save time, money and frustration by taking 20 minutes to plan your meals for the week. 

A lack of meal planning means wasted money, extra trips to the store, frustration and cooking boredom. We are all faced with meals three times a day, seven times a week, it should be planned. Don’t put it off any longer.

Invest 15 minutes today and all the time and money you save can be spent on something that really matters – your family!

When you pre-plan your own meals, you can choose healthy options. You control the flavor and the fat and amount of sugar, you can grill or broil instead of fry. Planning ensures you are cooking a healthy meal every day of the week.

Teach Your Children Skills

  • Include children in the meal planning process to teach them organizational skills and how to assemble a balanced meal.
  • They can help to plan the meals and learn about the different nutrition groups.

How to Do It?

Working through this inexpensive ($3.95) Menu Planner Guide will help you create your own simple Printable Meal/Menu Planner which will help you:

  • * Avoid the daily time-consuming, decision making process of “What’s for dinner?”
  • * Have all the ingredients you need in the house.
  • * Have a year of meal ideas worked out.
  • * Create your weekly grocery list.
  • * Cut down on expensive take-away meals
  • * Save money
  • * Be creative and involve your children in the meal preparation
  • * Save time by cutting down on shop visits – the need to get this or that ingredient!

Click here to for the Meal Planner Guide

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  1. cyndi says:

    your link to the meal planner guide seems to be redirecting. Is there a web address perhaps?

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