Household Cleaning Uses For Salt

There are many safe and effective uses for salt for household use. Here is a list of salt uses by category.


  • soak stained hankies in salt water before washing
  • boil clothes pins in salt water before using them and they will last longer
  • eliminate excess suds with a sprinkle of salt
  • soak your clothes line in salt water to prevent your clothes from freezing to the line
  • likewise, use salt in your final rinse to prevent clothes from freezing
  • fabric colors hold fast in salty water wash
  • boil mismatched hose in salty water and they will come out matched
  • cover wine-stained fabric with salt; rinse in cold water later
  • to remove grease stains in clothing, mix one part salt to four parts alcohol

PorchGeneral cleaning :

  • rub salt on your pancake griddle, and your pancakes won’tstick
  • clean brass, copper and pewter with paste made from salt and vinegar, thickened with flour
  • pour a mound of salt on an ink or blood spot on your carpet; let salt soak up the stain
  • clean your iron by rubbing some salt on a damp cloth on the ironing surface
  • clean piano keys with a mixture of salt and lemon juice
  • rub any wicker furniture with salt water to prevent yellowing
  • freshen sponges by soaking them in salt water
  • mix salt with turpentine to whiten your bathtub and toilet bowl
  • Ivoriessoak enamel pans in salt water overnight, then boil salt water in them the next day to remove burned-on stains
  • sprinkle salt in your oven before scrubbing clean
  • soak discolored glass in a salt and vinegar solution to remove stains
  • clean greasy pans with a paper towel and salt
  • use salt to clean your discolored coffee pot
  • sprinkle salt in milk-scorched pans to remove odor
  • salt and soda will sweeten the odor of your refrigerator
  • salt and cinnamon will remove offensive odors from the stove
  • salt and lemon juice removes mildew
  • remove odors from sink drainpipes with a strong, hot solution of salt and water
  • polish your old kerosene lamp with salt for a brighter look
  • if a pie bubbles over in the oven, put a handful of salt on top of the spill. It won’t smell and will bake into a dry, light crust you can easily wipe away when oven in cool

Personal hygiene:

  • soak toothbrushes in salt water before your first use; they’ll last longer
  • dry salt sprinkled on your toothbrush makes a good tooth polisher
  • mildly salted water makes an effective mouthwash. gargle with warm water for a sore throat
  • use equal parts salt and soda for brushing your teeth
  • rinse a sore eye with a little salt water

Miscellaneous use:

  • sprinkle salt between sidewalk bricks or cracks where you don’t want grass to grow
  • to fill holes in your plaster walls, use equal parts of salt and starch with just enough water to make a stiff putty
  • sprinkle salt on your shelves to keep ants away
  • for a longer life for cut flowers, add a little salt to the water

by Chris Wilhelm http://blog.werelivingwell.com

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  1. […] Household Cleaning Uses For Salt […]

  2. […] Household Cleaning Uses For Salt […]

    • Larisa says:

      Vinegar. It has no chemicals, and it’s CHEAP.I read that Clorox green prctdous are nothing but a marketing gimmick. You have to watch out companies are cashing in on the popularity of green prctdous. Do some research and you will find you can clean cheaply and greenly with the simplest prctdous vinegar and baking soda are very popular.I read in National Geographic recently that clover was very common and wanted in lawns years ago, until a marketing campaign by a pesticides company convinced Americans that it was a weed. Years ago, my mother cleaned with vinegar what happened? A marketing campaign convinced her that chemicals could do it better. Now we’re at a point where it’s hard to imagine differently.But my floors have never been so clean as when my husband switched to vinegar.ETA I have used Seventh Generation dish liquid. Unlike other dish liquids, it doesn’t contain petroleum. However, this is hard to get in my area (and I would use more petroleum trying to find it than I would save by using it!).

  3. nice site some very interesting post keep it up, i shall be visiting again.

  4. If you put a little salt in a paper bag, toss in dusty silk flowers, and shake them around a couple minutes, the flowers will come out clean as new.

  5. […] Household Cleaning Uses for Salt […]

  6. adam says:

    Salt is very good for oven cleaning. Mix it with some astonish paste for better results. This is the method I use at my oven cleaning company Feel free to look at the pictures and results.

  7. Monica says:

    wow…great stuff.. I didn’t know that the salt is so usefull….
    best regards

  8. I use salt to clean my hog roast machine after i have used it . It gets it super clean

  9. Salt is amazing cleaner. Also try Bi-carb of soda and vinegar. Every little extra helps. And lemon for a nice smell.

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