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Tipjunkie out did herself today with this post on clip boards!  She combined my favorite things: Organization, Pretty, and Lists. My head is swimming with ideas to incorporate my scrapbook kits with her ideas. Here are a few photos but visit TipJunkie to read all the GREAT ideas. 

I listed a few clip boards below on Amazon but you should find a few options at your local dollar store.

Clipboard with Storage

I used a silver metal storage clip board daily when I was a police officer (MANY years ago). These are super for so many tings. In homeschool it makes a great teacher companion. You can keep your daily schedule, worksheets, pens, pencils, menu, shopping list, etc. The first one here is pink (part of proceeds go to breast cancer research–and I love pink). The second one has large inner pocket for letter size papers plus 3 smaller outer pockets (one magnetized) for pens/pencils and small articles

Mini Clip Boards

Clipboards for Children

Set of six.

Colorful Clip Boards

A first one here is higher priced but very sturdy. You may be able to get these at your office supply cheaper.

Lap Desks

Not clip boards but a neat homeschool desks ideas.

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