Healing Oils in the Bible

Oils Were a Part of Jesus’ Healing Ministry

Jesus used oils! He must have, because he trained his disciples to use them in their healing ministry. In Mark 6:13 it says, “They went out and preached that people should repent. They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them.” This verse is at the end of instructions that Jesus gave his disciples before he sent them out into ministry. He instructed them to go out, preach repentance, anoint people with oil and heal them.

I have overlooked the part about oils for years. It is commonly known that healing was part of what Jesus taught his disciples to do. How exciting to learn that oils were a tool they used to facilitate that healing. Let’s discover a little bit more about these precious oils.

What kind of oils were used by Jesus?



When we look back to find out what God provided for our healing, we find that plants are one of his healing resources. Ezekiel 47:12 ends by stating, “Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.” This tells me that there is something special about plants and leaves. They were to be used for healing. Herbs are one way to use plants for healing. Another way is by extracting the oil from the plant.

Plants have 2 kinds of oils: aromatic oils and fatty oils. People in biblical times used both. The fatty oils are things like olive oil, almond oil and flaxseed oil. These were used in food preparation as well as fuel for their lamps. Aromatic oils were used for a variety of purposes. Embalming, food flavorings, emotional release, prevention of disease, and physical healing are just some of the things aromatic oils were used for.

It is the aromatic oils that have super tiny molecules that can penetrate the cell walls in our body and bring healing. They are so fragrant because the tiny molecules are active and just jump into the air where our noses catch the scent. Some of the fragrant oils mentioned in the Bible are myrrh, frankincense, spikenard, cinnamon, cassia and hyssop. Today we use steam distillation to obtain these same oils and they are called essential oils.

Plant oils are still supporting health today

What God placed in creation for Jesus and his disciples to use for healing is still available to us today. Essential oils are just as potent today as in ages past. They are being used for healing by a growing number of people searching for natural ways to support spiritual and physical wellness.

Amy Hillis is currently a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) student who is searching out natural wellness. Her passion is teaching others about the healing tools God has placed in creation. To learn more about the healing properties of essential oils go to http://amyshealthquest.com/

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  1. Healing Oils in the Bible : Heart at Home http://ow.ly/2LWr7

  2. Lori Triba says:

    RT @heartofwisdom: Healing Oils in the Bible : Heart at Home http://ow.ly/2LWr7

  3. Healing Oils in the Bible : Heart at Home http://ow.ly/3480w

  4. Oils were used by Jesus? Why not. I’m sure people have used oils in the ancient times even more than those are used today. Back then the life was more natural and less artificial and oils are a gift of nature.

  5. Rachel says:

    I just came across your website and already I LOVE it! I think the message you send out is really great. Who better to teach us how to teach our children and the world around us then the Author of Knowledge Himself? And to your post on essential oils, Frankincense and Myrrh were given to Jesus as a baby because they were the topical and internal medicines of the day back then. They are powerful tools for healing! Can I ask which brand of essential oils you use? I LOVE doTERRA because I know they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, with nothing artificial, man-made (we can’t make something better than God did!), no pesticides, no dilutions.
    Again, I LOVE your website! Have a great week!

  6. Naomi Ball says:

    This is a nice article. So much of what you read about using essential oils includes philosophies of other religions. The Bible mentions aromatic plants throughout. Even if they didn’t have distilled oils they knew how to make infused oils. God even gives Moses a recipe in Exodus 30!

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