Our Menagerie

I was trying to get  a side by side pic to compare the 2-month-old kids to the newborn kids but it was like dressing an octopus.  I gave up and had David hold them.

Video Clip of Our Menagerie

The boys and I built a pen for the kids and mom ( to keep them away from the Billy)  yesterday.
I was so proud we did this by ourselves. But I didn’t think ahead.

As soon as the pen was up and goats were in it started raining so we let them out to go to the barn.
As I was grumbling about all the work for nothing I look up and see this:

Beautiful isn’t it?

My grumbling quickly turned to praise. Rarely a day goes by I don’t get a spiritual lesson from our mini farm.

I’ll add igloos for the kids inside the pen today.

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