Great Weight Watchers Breakfast or Snack

My hubby bought me this toaster ($59) for Christmas. I can make egg hard-boiled, scrambled, poched or soft boiled!

What a great gift! I can make 2 eggs muffins in 5 minutes. The water level controls how the egg is cooked I use 1/4 cup to poach 2 eggs (no runny, use less water for runny).

I can make a 4, 6, or 8 point Weight Watchers Pluspoint DELICIOUS high protein breakfast or snack using wholewheat muffins, laughing cow cheese,  and Jeno Turkey Ham. 

4 to 6 Point Weight Watcher Breakfast

Gluten free?

Use Gluten Free muffins or skip the muffins.

High Protein Snack

Egg, ham and cheese in a bowl makes quick high protein snack for 4 points.



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