Get Rid of Refrigerator Clutter

putting up stock for the winter.Is your definition of leftover something you put in the refrigerator until it turns green? Ewwww. The official title is UFO (unidentified fridge objects).

Do you have to cram the milk back in or move 5 bottles and 3 containers to put in a new item? Have you ever found an expired item that had never been opened? Do you triple stack? Do you have to rush to shut the door before things fall out?

Our refrigerator is not organized well. I have a tidy meat and cheese container for sandwiches I can pull out, but that’s the end of the organization. I clean it out regularly but it seems disorganized and too full. Yesterday my hubby was making breakfast (yes, I am blessed) and found the turkey bacon had expired 2 weeks ago. I’m determined to find a better system to keep it clean and uncluttered. I found several posts and videos to share:

Organizing and Cleaning Refrigerator Videos

Organizing and Cleaning Refrigerator Links

Staying in control of your refrigerator contents is an ongoing chore but you’ll save time and money by spending a few minutes wiping or organizing daily.

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  1. Angela says:

    Great Post Robin. Did this just yesterday. I like the idea of the caddy especially a snack one since I can’t say how many times my husband or kids ate something I was going to use to make dinner. One comment on the video it was good, but you should never store eggs in the door of the fridge. It’s not cold enough! God bless you!

  2. Q&Q says:

    Another great post. I’ve been doing the whole kitchen. We’ve done the freezer and pantry and I have to organize the plasticware cupboard next.
    http://www.cindysporch.net/ is a great site for kitchen organization.

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  10. carrie says:


    Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

    We just moved and my new fridge is side-by-side with the freezer, making it taller and skinnier than I was used to. I’ve found it really helps me to organize things, though, because the spaces are more compact. Good reminder to check through leftovers and random items especially as I plan meals!

    carrie’s last blog post..Works for Me Wednesday: Ice, ice, baby

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  12. Leftovers: Something you put in the refrigerator until it turns green. Organizing the Fridge http://budurl.com/wvw5

  13. RT @heartofwisdom: Organizing the Fridge http://budurl.com/wvw5

  14. Every time I food shop, I quickly wipe the inside of the fridge before putting the groceries away. I don’t like the thought of fresh new food going into a grimy fridge. I’m not germ-phobic but who knows what lurks?

    Best regards! Shooters Hill Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

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