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17 Ridiculously Useful Tips to Make Life Easier

Heating leftover pizza, easy deviled eggs, expand frosting, reheating bread, newspaper weeds away, picking up broken glass, squirrel away, flexible vaccumm, foggy windshields, get rid of ants and more ideas.

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Notebook Planner: Your One-Stop Information Center

Are you organized? Do you have a chore check list? Can you find your dog’s shot record quick? Have a list of birthdays somewhere? What about you homeschool, is it organized? Do you know  what work to assign today or what they did yesterday? What if you could experience less stress, frustration and choas while […]

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Meal Planning: Save Time and Money

Meal planning isn’t necessarily easy, but it worth the effort–you save time, money and frustration by taking 20 minutes to plan your meals for the week.  A lack of meal planning means wasted money, extra trips to the store, frustration and cooking boredom. We are all faced with meals three times a day, seven times a […]

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Ten Best Dollar Store Deals

I don’t suggest you buy scissors at a dollar store but you should be shopping there for 50% saving on many basics (pens, paper, paper towels, gift wrap, cleaning supplies, baby items, shampoo, etc).

Dollar stores get some inventory from product lines created just for discount stores. The other inventory are remnants from wholesalers, keeping prices super low.

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Leftover Turkey Recipes: 4 Delicious Ways

Roast turkey is a great family favorite, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But after the feast, comes the question – how to use the leftovers? Here are four ways to make the most of your festive bird.

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Pizza Hut: Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Crust, Any Toppings $10!


Hurry! This offer is only available for a limited time. From now through November 28th, every pizza you order on is just $10. That goes for any pizza, any size, any crust and any topping.

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Hundreds of Free Printable Coupons

Looking for printable coupons? Bookmark this page as it refreshes every few minutes with new coupons.

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New Exercise Accountability Group on Twitter #XRsize

Do you exercise? Do you have a hard time staying motivated? Me too. Exercise is not easy. There is a reason they call it WORKING out. I started an Twitter exercise accountability group

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Tackling a Stuffed Closet

A stuffed closet is mentally draining.  The clutter of  clothes that do not look good on you or or don’t fit will only cause frustration. Getting dressed in the morning sets the tone for the entire day. If your closet is a  perpetual state of disorder you start out each day irritated. I bought these […]

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12 Alternative Uses for Coffee Filters

All these handy uses for coffee filters! ..who knew! Be frugal, uy 1,000 at the Dollar stores very cheaply.

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