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What a Difference Hair Makes!

Rocky our Great Pyrenees was shaved today. Amazing difference. He went from 98 pounds to 92 pounds.

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Our Menagerie

I was trying to get a side by side pic to compare the 2-month-old kids to the newborn kids but it was like dressing an octopus. I gave up and had David hold them.

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Help Us Name Our New Twin Kids

Sweetie (Alpine/ Nigerian miniature blue-eyed goat about 35 lbs) finally had her kids. These photos were taken with my  cell phone. The kids are one day old and weigh about 3 lbs. Cameo (Sweetie’s sister)  had twins in January we names Jack and Jill. See Jack and Jill here. We’d like you to help us […]

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Our New Twin Kids

Jack and Jill were born to Cameo on January 19 or 20, 2010.  They are miniature Nigerian Dwarf / Alpines. We found in the early morning around 6 am. I lost my camera the day before so I couldn’t get any good photos. But here are a few from my phone camera. Christopher and Jack […]

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Tiny Teddy Bear Puppy Meets Great Pyrenees

Heidi (7 week old Shichon Teddy Bear puppy) went outside for the first time today (its been rainy and cold). She met Rocky our 100lb Great Pyrenees, the cats and the goats (she’ll met the horse another day). It’s really hard to video such a tiny dog. Watch careful and you’ll see Heidi walk right […]

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Another Teddy Bear Shichon Puppy

We picked up Heidi yesterday. She is 7.5 weeks old. We are only babysitting until my parents come in November–I have had to repeat this 900 times this morning becasue my boys are in love with Heidi Ho. Watch the videos to see why.

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Teddy Bear Puppy Photos

Our Shichon puppies are growing so fast. They are six months old. Shichon (pronounced She Sean) Shichons are a Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise mix. The mix is also known as Teddy Bears, Zuchons, Shishchons, Shih Chons. There best known for melting into your chest.

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Our Two New Shichon Puppies

We went to choose our Shichon (pronounced She Sean) puppy from two different litters and ended up with one puppy from each litter. We named the white puppy Frosty but we need help naming the second puppy. Submit your dog names in the comments for a chance to win the prize listed below.

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Announcing Our New Kid

Our new Billy Kid arrived yesterday. He will breed with our twin girls and Lord willing, we should have babies in September! (Goat gestation is 5 months). . He is a tri-colored Nigerian Dwarf. He’s the color or dark chocolate, light chocolate and a marshmallow so we are calling him Cocoa. He is 4 months […]

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Washington Redskins Cat

Yes, we are Redskin fans. Even our animals are Redskin fans.

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