Carpet Cleaners Make Carpets Dirtier!

I finally proved it. Carpet cleaners really do make carpet dirtier. Soap residue is a dirt magnet! But don’t worry I also found a solution.

I always suspected it. I am an expert on dirty carpets. At one point in our family had 7 children in a 1200 square foot home with light beige carpet. The more we ran the cleaner the dirtier the carpet got. It looked more gray than beige.  I had to clean the carpet weekly!

This year, I purchased the Bissell Spotbot to take care of kid spills and puppy accidents.

The Good News

  1. Easy to use: (unlike another spot cleaner I had you had to be a engineer to fill it with solution) Simply fill the cup with water and solution and slip in place.
  2. Hands Free: Set it on the spot, push a button and walk away. It does the scrubbing for you.
  3. Takes the stains out: There are two settings. 1. Set in stains 2. Surface stains. It works great.

The Bad News

It cleans so well, used on a dirty carpet, you’ll see circles that are cleaner than the rest of the carpet.  This is bad news unless you like having six-inch clean circles spotting your room.

Once this circle appeared I realized how dirty the carpet really was and it motivated me to rent a rug cleaner and clean the whole room. Maybe that is good news??

Here is where my theory is proven: Below is an area I cleaned with the Spotbot one month ago.

Theory proven! The area cleaned leaves soap residue and becomes a dirt magnet!

Can I count this as a homeschool science experiment?

The Solution

My BF Lynne came up with the solution and blogged about it. Read Lynne’s  post here.

After leaning the room with the rug cleaning solution clean it again with a vinegar water solution.  Rent a shampoo machine that cleans with water. Mix about a cup vinegar per  gallon of water and clean according to directions. The vinegar pulls out the old shampoo soap and cleans the carpet.

Tackle it Tuesday

This is a Tackle it Tuesday post where you tackle something in your home and share with other bloggers. Tackle Tuesdays are FUN!

If feels great to get something accomplished and share it with others. Find out more about Tackle It Tuesday here.

What have you tackled in your home this week?

P.S. Lynne also has GREAT coupon tips on her blog Seeking His Face.  She is an amazing bargain hunter and a coupon junkie. She is also a little bit nutty, hysterically funny, and a great friend through thick and thin. Her motto, “If it’s cheap or free–it’s me!” Visit her blog.

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  1. Dana says:

    Our solution was to just get rid of all the carpeting. Now the pet hair just sort of rolls down the hall like tumbleweed, but nothing a good broom can’t handle.

  2. I am praying for hardwood floors. All may main rooms living, dining, family room have hardwood floors- MUCH easier to clean. Carpet still in my bedrooms. Its old and needs to be replaced bed.

  3. Oh, you don’t want to hear my thoughts on carpets and pet hair after what I just went through. We lost $800 because of dog hair in carpet, plus we’re without a house to move into and we have to get out of this house by Aug. 1. So I’m a little upset about dog hair in carpet that property managers refuse to clean properly (or remove completely like they should have).
    Sorry to rant, it’s just really fresh right now!

    Please pray that we find the right house SOON! With no pet hair in the carpets.

  4. Lori Bridgwood says:

    SO TRUE!
    The areas I have treated are darker…it seems to lock in the dirt!
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. I always use vinegar on my carpets! Great tackle:-)

  6. BarbaraLee says:

    I have a rug doctor that works great. I use Dawn dish soap, baking soda & white vinegar.

  7. I would like to give you two comments on you carpet clean solution. One you are correct that home cleaners can leave soap in carpet. I recomment that you appliy the cleaning solution with a sprayer. They use your cleaner to rinse solution away with cleaner. Second is to be sure that you check you PH after the vinegar use. Incorrect PH will also cause problems. Check my web site for articles on hardwood verses carpet, very important if you have allergies.

  8. Brenda says:

    I use rental carpet cleaners as opposed to a professional service, so I can do an extra pass or two with water only. I can also go over areas with suction only, not applying additional water. It is very tiring and time-consuming, but I don’t think I have the soap residue problem, and I don’t have to do it as often.

    Even though doing it yourself is a ton of work, you can also be very thorough!

  9. Carpet Cleaners Make Carpets Dirtier. Photos prove it. http://bit.ly/ZfdwS

  10. John says:

    These days, there is no excuse for a professional cleaner to be using a shampoo. There are many non residual cleaners available so insist on a cleaner who uses a no residue system.

  11. Is there any such thing which cleans hardwood floors and granite countertops as well. Something handy to use and safe to floors as well.

  12. Fabi says:

    When I first start reading the post I got a bit scared and surprised to know that carpet cleaners can really make my carpets dirtier!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!


  13. If you don’t want any dirt to your carpet, make everyone take off their shoes, buy them slippers to wear and leave them by the door so they put them on when they get home.

  14. James Reynolds says:

    That’s why I am somewhat skeptical about cleaners. Going green is a better choice. Kalia Floors

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