7 Alternative Uses for Lip Balm

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It is the time of year to stock up on lip balm. Lip balm can be used as a lubricant much like household oil:

  1. my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss is poppin´Prevent windburn by  rubbing lip balm on your face before you go into the cold wind. Great for babies and toddlers.
  2. Unstick a stuck zipper. Rub a little lip balm up and down the teeth of a zipper to smooth its action
  3. Unstick sticky drawers by spreading a bit of lip balm on the tracks and wheels.
  4. Remove a stuck ring
  5. Groom wild eyebrows and mustaches
  6. Stop bleeding from shaving cuts
  7. Prevent outdoor light bulbs from getting stuck  by coating the the threads with a little lip balm before setting them in the socket. Removal will be easier.

Frugal Friday Tip: If you run out of lip balm and need relief for chapped lips, Olive oil works great.

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  1. Stacy says:

    LOL! I appreciate these ideas as I often come across half used ones that are old found in coat pockets from season before and seem kinda yucky to use on one’s lips-SO now that there is a use for these I will toss no more! After reading the zipper idea-it prompted me to use it on my patio door track!! I usually use soap but this is less messy! Thanks for the post!!

  2. Lynnet says:

    Oh I love this!!! Where were you last month when I needed this? :mrgreen: It’s not just for lips anymore! I love your blog! So cute and cheerful.

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