6 Point Weight Watcher Dinner

I recently started Weight Watchers. I panicked at dinner time when I realised I only had 7 points left.

I made turkey ham, lima beans and mac and cheese for the family. The added up the points (mac and cheese alone is 11 points!).  I had to make some quick adjustments. I grabbed the some veggies to go with the turkey ham and lima beans.

I made a salad with the ham, lettuce, lima beans, Roma tomatoes and added a one slice of reduced fat swiss cheese.

But wait! What about the dressing?

I put  an orange, 1/2 an avocado and some vinegar in the blender and made a yummy dressing. I used 2 Tablespoons so its 1 point.

Dinner for Six Points!

Now what will I have the remaining point for dessert?

 Weight Watcher 1 Point Foods (Points Plus)


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