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Winter Bundle Give Away!

The Pondering Heart Blog is having  the 2008-2009 Winter Bundle! The prizes all together are worth about $700.00 that will be given away over the next several weeks.  Join in on the fun, enter, and share with others.

By leaving comments you will  be have a chance  to win over a dozen homeschool prizes. Including The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach Ebook.

Download  unit study Free Excerpt (65 pages)

Purtian education
How to Enter to Win this Book:
  1. First Chance: Leave a comment with why you think this book is interesting on this page.
  2. Second Chance: I decided to have a drawing here too! Leave a comment below answering the question: “Why are you interested in the Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach.”
  3. Deadline: Friday, January 23rd

Find out how you could have  more chances to win this item and other check out the Winter Bundle Announcement post.



Heartofwisdom teaching approach

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  1. I am very interested in the HOW approach. I had just reviewed the HOW site last week in order to end my curiosity about this approach and I love what I read. God’s word is the center of life so therefore should be the center of education. HOW incorporates my favorite approach, Charlotte Mason. I’m currently using My Father’s World curriculum and I love that Bible is taught straight from the Bible and Creation to Greeks year is taught using the Bible as a spine. I have yet to find anything in comparison until I read about the HOW approach. Please enter my name for the drawing as I would love to own a copy of this book. I’m sure it will be well used. Thank you.

    God bless

  2. I am interested in the HOW approach because it seems to be a natural way of learning. I have 4 kiddos and will not be able to continue separate subjects forever (without sacrificing sanity) so I am prayerfully considering the way you construct your unit studies. Also the focus on Hebrew roots is something that is on my heart.

  3. Hi Robin! You always post such great giveaways!

    I’ve been interesting in HOWTA for years now, I was so happy to get my hard copy of the book! I totally agree with everything you say in it, and I was especially interested in the Greco/Roman vs Hebraic ways of education. When I read those chapters and looked back on my own public education, oh how true!

    I love that HOWTA is more Bible centered than any other approach. Everything radiates FROM the Bible, not trying to squeeze the Bible into other subjects.

    I also am learning to “let go and let God” (to steal a phrase) in regards to scheduling and study topics and all. I like having a checklist, laid out plans, etc. But I always did fly by the seat of my pants, as it were. But HOWTA gives just enough structure allowing for the delight directed approach. It’s hard to relearn something, but it’s good that it’s the Lord’s leading and not my own! 😉

    Thanks Robin for the work you do!

    I’ll post a link to this on my blog also


  4. I’ve always admired “classical” homeschools, but have just never been comfortable with having the greek/gnostic/roman culture so central. I’ve studied them in the past, and contrasted them with the Hebraic culture, and the integration (of families, tradition, lifestyle, education, spirituality, etc) seems to be how God orchestrated things. I like that HOW seems to address this and follow God’s framework, though I’ve only read the excerpt thus far.

  5. Jackie

    I am actually new to HOW approach and find it fascinating. I want my child rooted and grounded in the word of God and this seems to do that. I have clicked on getting the excerpt. I am anxious to read it. Thanks for allowing me to enter the contest.

  6. Lisa Arndt

    I read the HOWTA about a year ago and this is one 500+ page gem. Finding Robin Sampson via her books and computer groups has literally been life changing for me. I love Robin Sampson. When I first found out about HOW and began discovering the richness of this way of thinking, something stirred deep within. I know this was a God thing! What can I say? God is so good to bring people like Robin Sampson and her books into my life!!

  7. I’m interested in the Heart of Wisdom approach because the books lead you right back to the Bible as your primary source of knowledge. It encourages you to learn about the Hebraic roots of Christianity. I believe this is the original way children learned and know that it is a far better approach than what the public schools have to offer. Thank you, Robin, for everything you do, how you’ve shared your life with us, and for leading us to the Father’s feet as we seek to teach our children.

  8. Leah L.

    A few months ago I was at a desperate point with my homeschooling life. I was so dissatisfied and discontented with what I was doing and I cried out to God saying, “There’s got to be a better way!” I felt a surge of faith rise up within me and I knew that I knew that I knew that He would help me find that way. Then the Lord prompted me to Google “Bible Based Homeschool Curriculum” and that is how I found Heart of Wisdom. Hallelujah! My spirit rejoiced within me as I read the excerpt from the HOW teaching approach book. I ordered the book and my husband and I are about halfway through it. It has been very encouraging, motivating, helpful and inspiring. I am in the process of transition to a better, more fulfilling, and joyful way to homeschool, both for me and my children. Thank you, Robyn, for writing this book and giving me hope and help on my homeschooling journey. God bless you richly in every way!

  9. Carlyn

    I have read the excerpt and find it to be so well-thought out and thorough. I would love to have this e-book. I am just getting familiarized with Hebraic roots studies and can’t wait to learn more and to be able to teach my children from this approach.
    Thank you, Robin, for your dedication.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  10. I am intrigued with the idea of making our Hebrew roots a central theme in both our homeschool and our Christian walk. Over the years, we have studied up on some Jewish traditions as a family (most notably, the Passover) and I do strive to make the Bible central to everything we do in our homeschool…but I know I am falling pitifully short.

    I would love to take a closer look at what your books and curriculum offer. I have MANY more years ahead of me in my homeschool journey…it would be wonderful to implement new ideas now.

  11. Hi there Robin…..thank you for offering such an amazing resource. I am a typical “unschooler” yet find me and my family diving into the Torah (I am in Love with His Word), floating into Charlotte Mason ways and loving the art of learning gently. My kiddos are 11 & 14 and we are in need of resourses that encourage and uplift our Spirit. Thank you again!


  12. I love the book because it gives me a starting point. I am new to homeschooling. Very new, honestly, just exploring the idea of homeschooling my 4 starting in the fall. I have a lot of birds tweetign in my ear about their approach. This one makes sense to me!!

    BLessings, KimO

  13. I am always interested in anything that is Bible Centered and Homeschool friendly! The resource sounds amazing! I am trying to steer away from textbooks and have more of an unschool approach but do not know where to begin, I think this would be very helpful!

  14. Jeanette

    I actually have to thank this book for our family deciding to homeschool. I went to a homeschool workshop, just to see if homeschooling was something I could do, since we were not satisfied with the public school in our area. I had a time slot open and the only workshop during this time slot was one on the HOW teaching approach. This proved to be God ordained. I realized during that workshop, and through reading the book that homeschooling was the ONLY option for my family! Thank you so much for this book!!

  15. Laura C.

    As we’ve talked about Solomon over the past year or so, we’ve mulled over his decision to ask God for wisdom. Because he sought wisdom, God rewarded him richly in many ways. Seeking first the kingdom of God has rich rewards for this life and the life beyond.

    But, where to find wisdom? From God’s Word, of course. But why are some phrases so mysterious and difficult to understand? Why is practical application sometimes difficult for us?

    Robin, I have learned so much from just following the links on your sites. Just a drop in the bucket to what there is to know (study as worship is new and exciting to me).

    This book and it’s related materials are truly an answer to prayer. Thank you…

  16. Danielle

    I just found your site today and have spent the better part of my evening reading about your method of teaching. I love, love, love it!!! I plan to homeschool my daughter next year for Kindergarten and really wanted some sort of unit study. I really had no idea what I was going to do!!! I just know that I want to focus on character molding. I was just sharing with my mother last week that I would be much happier for my daughter to grow up loving Jesus, loving others, and living for Christ than I would that she graduate with honors or become a top surgeon.

    I just can’t believe I found you! So far everything that I have read is exactly what I was hoping to do with her this coming year! If nothing else it has sparked my excitement again for this coming year and teaching my little girl!!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!

  17. Hello,

    Just wanted to say, I love the new look of your blog!! And of course as always, great reading is found here.

    Take care,

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