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Springtime In My Father’s Vineyard

Springtime In My Father’s Vineyard

In My Father’s Vineyard” by Wayne Jacobsen  is an inspiring gift book that beautifully captured the Love of our Father. Here is an excerpt:

Spring Time in the Vineyard

In springtime, the vineyard can almost take care of itself. That is, it grows without needing the farmer to take care of any of its immediate needs.

The rain waters it. The soil nourishes it.

The weeds are too small to provide any real challenge at this point.

So what does the farmer do in the springtime, other that training the young vines?

One day he might be on his tractor, plowing down new weed sprouts or spreading fertilizer beneath the vines. This time of year he’ll almost always have a shovel with him to scoop away small weeds from under a vine or to clip off a sucker.

The farmer you see is already looking forward to summer, when the weeds will be much larger and can choke out the vine.

The fertilizer will nourish the vine and strengthen it to endure the long haul of summer as the fruit ripens.

This is when the farmer sets a pattern of care that will sustain the vine through summer, when it will need to be strong and healthy the most.


So in our lives, in the season of great joy and promise God invites us to establish patterns of relationship with Him that will endure the severest of tests.

But too many of us can’t see the need. Everything is going well just the way it is. Why do we need to let God deal with our fleshly desires, since He seems to be blessing us in spite of them? Why do we need daily time in the Word since God seems to be speaking to us everywhere we turn?

It is precisely the time of great blessing when God is so readily present, that patterns of spiritual relationship can be built most effectively in our lives. When God is easy to find—in our Scripture reading, our prayers, our fellowship with the body of Christ—that is the time to set patterns that will strengthen us and prepare us for the days to come.

Through the Word emphasizes this pattern of preparation, many believers mistakenly think their spiritual life will flourish regardless. They assume grace will cover spiritual lethargy. But whenever we decide we need just enough of God to survive the day , we have a process that will break down. Our response to God today has implications down the road [Teaching our children today will have immense implications down the road.]

Nowhere is this more powerfully illustrated than in the vine. Grapes are a two year crop. The bunches forming now were developed a full year before, while another crop was coming to fruitfulness. Although they are microscopic in size, hidden in the buds of next year’s crop, the care the vine received then determines their quality now.

Complacency is the greatest danger we face when God blesses us in the Springtime. We don’t need to participate, we think; God will do it all. How wrong that is! Whenever complacency grips our hearts sure a future nourished by His presence. We need to do likewise.

Almost always, long days lie between promise and fulfillment. And those are the days when the process of transformation takes place. When God is moving powerfully in our lives—that is the time we need to develop patterns of relationship for our future.

Now while spring time is here.

For spring will not last forever.

About the Author: Wayne Jacobson

As a facilitator, presenter and trainer Wayne Jacobsen has become a nationally-recognized specialist in disarming cultural conflicts, especially those that involve religious and worldview issues. By helping business leaders, educators and parents have an appreciation for the civic principles of the First Amendment he has helped numerous communities build mutual respect across diverse lines.

His workshop, Common Ground Thinking, has been used at state and national education conventions as well as at local school districts across the United States. He was called to testify before the United States Commission on Civil Rights and invited to be a participant in The American Assembly at Columbia University for their recent examination of religion in American public life.

Read more articles by Wayne at his site LifeStream.org. You can contact Wayne Jacobsen at waynej@lifestream.org.

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