What the Bible Say About Education: When?

When Should We Teach Our Children?

All Throughout the Day

The moral and biblical education of children was accomplished best, not in a formal teaching period each day, but when the parents, out of concern for their own lives as well as their children’s, made God and His Word the natural topic of a conversation which might occur anywhere and anytime during the day.

…When thou walkest by the way…(Deuteronomy 6).

To walk means to go along with, to follow a course of action or to live, follow a way of life.

Alfred Edersheim explains in Sketches of Jewish Social Life at the time of Christ:

When we pass from the heathen world into the homes of Israel, even the excess of their exclusiveness seems for the moment a relief. It is as if we turned from enervating, withering, tropical heat into a darkened room, whose grateful coolness makes us for the moment forget that its gloom is excessive, and cannot continue as the day declines. And this shutting out of all from without, this exclusiveness, applied not only to what concerned their religion, their social and family life, but also to their knowledge. In the days of Christ the pious Jew had no other knowledge, neither sought nor cared for any other—in fact, denounced it—than that of the law of God.


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