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What People Think About Homeschooling Meme

“What People Think I Do / What I Really Do” is a series of visual charts depicting a range of preconceptions associated with a particular field of occupation or expertise. The original instance of the series was uploaded by artist Garnet Hertz via his Facebook page on February 2nd, 2012. Now its all over the Internet.

So here is mine.

Click image for larger view.

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  1. Judit Crow

    I would enjoy seeing a larger version of the picture on homeschooling preconceptions, but “the page can’t be found” memo comes up. I have had the same experience recently with some other posts. Please let me know if there is a fix and I can try again. Thank you!

  2. I really appreciate your history of this meme. I enjoyed reading more about it and enjoyed your version even more! =)

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