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Was it Child Abuse?

Was it Child Abuse?

What would you do if you saw a woman beating a screaming child?

I have a dear, dear friend that struggles with the violence in the Old testament. We had several discussions about it. Then I found a story on Darin Hufford’s Free Believer’s site that helped me explain the importance of perspective.

Importance of Perspective

Thirty-eight years ago, in a remote neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska, a young stressed-out mother came running out of her front door towards her two-year-old baby boy. She literally body slammed him with full force sending his little frame flying across the front lawn.

She then proceeded to grab him in full view of all the neighbors and beat him repeatedly up and down his body. The child was screaming at the top of his lungs, but his mother was relentless.

Several neighbors came running from their homes. One gentleman called the Fire Department and the woman next door called the police. Within several minutes, the entire neighborhood was surrounding this helpless two-year-old boy, waiting for the paramedics to rush him to the hospital. It was a frightful terrible day that actually took place in our lives when I was in the first grade.

The woman was my mother, and the little boy was my brother Brian. He nearly lost his life that day.

Did my mother go to jail for the incident? NO. Did Child Protective Services pay our home a visit after that? NO. Was Brian afraid of her after what she did? NO.

In fact, quite the opposite. He was drawn closer to her. Brian will openly tell you today that our mother was right in what she did, and he would do the same thing to one of his children if the situation called for it.

The situation was this; Brian was on fire. He had been playing with matches and lit his pants on fire. My mother was doing the dishes when she looked up and saw her baby boy completely engulfed in flames running across the front lawn. She ran out and literally saved his life with what she did.

My point is this; some people would ONLY see my mother beating Brian and they would love immediately make judgments on her mothering skills. Other people, because of the angle they were viewing the incident from, saw the fire. They called her a hero.

It all depends on what angle we see things from. When you hold to “God is love”, you position yourself where you can see EVERYTHING from a perfect angle.

Today, I stand in even greater appreciation for what Christ did for us all because these Old Testament passages reveal to me the magnitude of what was accomplished on the cross. I would not have come to that beautiful truth if I had not married myself to “God is Love.”

No matter what circumstances look God is working  and using the situation to teach you more about him and make his life available through you to others.

Jesus said, “My Father is always at work, to this very day and I, too, am working.” John 5:17

Trusting God knows what He is doing means that we are so confident in his love that we can embrace any circumstance knowing He will work it for good (Romans 8:28).

Having trouble with that? It would be so easy to trust if we knew all the answers. Having faith in the mist of storms or circumstances we don’t understand can be a Believer’s greatest challenge.   It is easier to trust what we can see and feel over trusting God’s love for us.
If we read Scripture passage that doesn’t make sense we need to do what my dear friend does now. Assume God had a bigger and better plan.

If we end up in a bad situation or God seems distant we have to learn to look beyond circumstances and beyond our abilities.

It is possible to learn to trust. Ask Father to renew in you a right spirit.  Ask for wisdom. He promised if you ask He will give it.

Turn your focus to Christ and place your trust in His might and love. He will never let you down. When we rely on Him we will have chosen that good part, which will not be taken away (Luke 10:42).

Absolutely nothing—neither problems, nor circumstances—can take away the wonderful peace and assurance that result from trusting God. Rest in Him in every situation and remember things are not always what they seem to be.

Darin Hufford is the author of The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Tells About God It is a must read for every Christian!
misunderstood god

Visit Darin’s site Free Believer’s Network for excellent articles and check out the Into the Wild Podcast. I listen to them all.



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  1. WOW a very powerful story!!!! Great post on perspective & love.
    .-= Nikowa Lee´s last blog ..Friday’s Experiment: Acid =-.

  2. Great post today!! LOVE IT, love the title, and the story is SO great – its all in your perspective. The truth there is very poignant: if you MARRY yourself to the truth that God is Love; be as dedicated to that truth as we are to our husbands. And I love listening to Darin too – I keep seeing all of these things coming full circle. I keep coming across Heart of Wisdom, Free Believers, God Journey, and the truths at the ROOTS of our scriptures, and the love of Yeshua.
    I wish you shalom and the blessings of Adonai.

  3. Christina S.

    Really good stuff! I’m so glad I stopped by to read today. 🙂

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