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Trials are Lessons / Art Journaling

I just finished a super class by Patti Knox on Art Journaling (Ill be posting about art journaling on my scrapbook blog). Here is one of the pages I made.

Click here for a larger view.

Trials are Lessons

Last week I went through a very painful, gut-wrenching trial. I was broken.

I was weak and close to developing  serious bitterness so I asked several friends to pray. God answered!

I felt peace of God and gained the ability to pray lovingly for those that hurt me. I knew it was God, I was much too weak to come up with any love or forgiveness on my own. Trials, sufferings, and problems, teach us not to depend upon ourselves.

Our  response to trails is more important than the trial. Taking thoughts captive and giving them to God immediately is critical. We must decrease and allow Christ to  increase. All of God’s works are towards increasing Christ.

We must decrease and allow Christ to increase. All of God’s works are towards increasing Christ. Everything He has done, is doing, and will do is related towards revealing His Son. If He is to become greater in my life, then I must become lesser, an inward decreasing, coming to the end of ourselves. We need brokenness–it is a spiritual blessing. How can I love my enemies, or bless those who curse me?

By decreasing, I allow Him to increase. We are changed into His likeness–transfigured, Christ in me, the hope of our glory. We are our biggest problem. Denial of self –typified by the Cross–death to sin–is critical. The carnal mind is against God. The degree that we accept the decrease of ourselves, is the degree we will experience the increasing of Christ. This is conformity to the very image of Christ.

I want brokenness to free me from the human thinking (carnal mind) and tap into God’s way of thinking. Only then can I allow the Living Water to flow from me to others. His grace is sufficient! We are perfected in His love and our brokenness.

This is why we should rejoice in trials! They press us deeply into Him–if we allow it. All we have to do is rest in Him.

What a mighty God we serve!


What is Art Journaling?

Art journaling is not about the outcome. It is about the creative process of pulling together color, words and images. Here are some examples from my Pinterest Art Journaling board.

See more here Art Journaling.


  1. Kimmomof4boys

    Tnank you Robin,
    I love, love, love this. The Trials are Lessons hit close to home. I have been experiencing a similar circumstance. I should make my journals more creative. I have many! Recruiting the troops to pray with me is humbling in itself, don;t want to reveal that ugly side of me, plus, when you do, you find out who is real and who avoids issues that show them they may have things to deal with too.

  2. Ha! Robin- that first one is my page! It is from the very first art journal I ever did- back in 2003 when I didn’t know that “art journaling” existed. It was a phoenix type work, as it was healing as it was created. It was the beginning of a total breaking in me and my husband- which is only now concluding. We had no idea why things happened the way they did, and this was my expression of that. We shall enjoy sharing back and forth! Here is another one of the pages:

  3. wow, robin thank you very much for this encouragement in times of trials. I inspired to try journaling too.
    I want to try that too. well, I inspired to tell my experience ion times of trials. But if you like too. Let me know.
    I’m from philippines and still seeking God’s grace.
    God bless you and for all tour work.

    I love this site.

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