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The Importance of Studying Paul's Letters Chronologically

Paul’s 14 epistles found in our present Bible  is not chronological,  but sorted by length, in descending order form the longest (Romans) to the shortest (Philemon).

When you understand this critical point you can study the epistles in chronological order and see the types of problems the Church encountered as the years passed and circumstances changed. For example:

  • Early membership was mostly Jewish, and problems included questions about the law of Moses.
  • Later, when the gentile membership had increased, problems involved items of Greek philosophy.
  • Early persecution was from the Jews and the Judaizers.
  • Later persecution came from the Roman government.

Gene Edwards  has been called one of the best writers of Christian literature in the last 100 years. Here he explains the importance of studying Paul’s letters chronologically.


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  1. Hi Robin,
    I’ve been studying Scripture for many years and ha not idea that they weren’t written in that order. Amazing. I even have a chronological Bible but I go back to reading the traditional one. Last month I read all of Paul’s letters straight through and they really helped me understand many issues.
    Thanks for sharing these videos.
    Blessings ♥,

  2. thank you for taking the time to point out this little known fact. I decided to read the entire bible chronologically this year. I am amazed at how much clearer it was as a result

  3. James Paber

    I really like your videos sir. I will surely share this videos to my friends and pastors so that they will be informed also of how to read those epistles of Paul chronologically. I am really bless by this seminar. God bless you more and more Sir Gene.

  4. Keep this going please, great job!

    Here is my weblog – love it

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