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Do You Have Distorted View?

Imagine you are asked to do something for someone you did not know well. What if a stranger asked you for a ride into town? Or to take a package on a plane? But what if you knew the person intimately for many years. You knew their character, their morals, their motivations? What if the person was your father or husband? We will only submit when we trust. We only can only trust someone who has our best interest at heart. But many of us have a distorted view of God. Read More »

Religion or Relationship?

God does not want a people who simply adhere to a set of rules, no matter how well intended. God said in the book of Hosea, “For I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, and in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings” (Hosea 6:6 ). Sacrifices meant nothing because their hearts were unfaithful to God. God wants obedience ... Read More »

Behold the Man!

Jesus’ apostles and Jewish disciples came to know him first as a Rabbi and only later as the risen Savior. For second-generation and subsequent believers, however, the process was reversed. First they encountered in faith the risen and reigning Son of God, and only later – if at all – did they come to learn in any depth about the man, Yeshua MiNatzeret (Jesus of Nazareth). Read More »